‘Extreme Couponing’: Five Consequences for Not Using Coupons

As fans of the popular television show “Extreme Couponing” have learned by now, using coupons at the grocery store is extremely wise. Coupons allow shoppers the ability to purchase less expensive food and can help shoppers who are forced to purchase food on a tight budget. For the purpose of helping grocery shoppers take advantage of coupons, here are five reminders for what shoppers are missing out on if they choose to not use coupons.

Customers do not receive bargains

One reason why grocery shoppers should use coupons is because they would be taking advantage of the thrifty bargains that most grocery stores offer. As was demonstrated in Season 1, Episode 9, one shrewd shopper was able to satisfy her hungry family of six by only spending $50 per week at the grocery store. With a tight and seemingly struggling economy, consumers would be smart if they were to use coupons when purchasing grocery items.

Decreases the amount of food in grocery shoppers’ pantries

One consequence of not using coupons is that shoppers may not be able to spend the money that they would have saved for other grocery items. As was demonstrated in Season 1, Episode 4, shoppers may be able to purchase almost $400 if they were to use coupons and saving this much money will certainly help shoppers purchase more groceries in the future.

Demonstrates a lack of planning and preparation for the grocery shopping visit

For grocery shoppers to not use coupons when they visit the grocery store, it shows a clear lack of planning and preparation. While shoppers may not want to spend dozens of hours in preparation for a grocery shopping visit as was the case in Season 1, Episode 12, shoppers should still spend at least 20 minutes per week collecting and organizing coupons.

Grocery shoppers will actually be helping shoppers with coupons at their own expense

Although coupons are known for helping shoppers on tight budgets, manufactures may actually lose money each time a shopper uses a coupon. Since manufactures do not want to run the risk of not earning money, companies will most likely increase the costs of grocery items in order to generate profit. “Extreme Couponing” has featured some of the most wise shoppers in the country and it would be in the best interest of grocery shoppers to follow the pursuit of shrewd shoppers who use coupons.

Shoppers will have to pay a higher grocery shopping receipt

Grocery shoppers who are struggling to pay the bills should use coupons at the grocery store because they would most likely pay a higher grocery shopping receipt if they do not use coupons. Shrewd shoppers across the country can be often found using coupons at the grocery store and being a financial conservative can possible save hundreds of dollars per every visit, as was demonstrated in Season 1, Episode 11.


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