Extended Family Members Love the Bidet

Recently a topic came up regarding the most vulnerable members of our society, namely our seniors and our children. With the normal hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we have a tendency to overlook some of the more obvious ways in which we can positively impact their lives. Just because they don’t typically mention personal hygiene or complain about related issues, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t greatly appreciate and benefit from associated technologies – specifically a bidet.

Sometimes, maintaining good health can be as simple as incorporating good personal hygiene habits into our lives. In today’s culture, manufacturers have addressed the need to control and eliminate environmental contaminants by introducing the regular use of hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, anti-bacterial cleaners and the like. All of which are good at what they do, but they are designed to deal with the issue of health threats after the fact. What about taking measures to prevent issues from arising? That’s where the bidet comes in.

Daily use of the bidet is an effective preemptive strike against harmful and dangerous pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella. It is also extremely effective in controlling the spread of urinary tract infections, a fact of which most people are not aware. So often, our seniors and our children are reluctant to discuss delicate and personal matters such as these, opting instead to wait (hoping the problem solves itself…) which of course, it rarely ever does.

Rather than wait for the problem to grow and surface as an ugly infection needing the attention of a medical professional, take some easy steps to avert just such a problem. Install bidets and bidet attachments on each commode in your home.

For seniors who may be experiencing limited mobility due to osteoporosis, arthritis or perhaps bursitis, the bidet makes it very simple to routinely cleanse and refresh oneself thoroughly after each use of the commode. The pain and inconvenience of twisting, reaching and bending can be virtually eliminated for sensitive seniors. And, since we already know that the vast majority of contamination is caused by the unintentional spread of fecal matter, bidets are seen as the most effective way to avoid contact.

Now let’s talk about the youngsters. You can start instructions on the proper use of a bidet as early as when you begin potty training. We know that even potty-trained children have difficulty properly cleaning themselves after using the toilet. Children stand to benefit immensely from the hygienic cleansing offered by the bidet. Daily use of the bidet teaches kids to clean themselves more thoroughly and promotes awareness of the importance of cleanliness.

Author’s Biography:
Warren L. Smith M.D. is the owner of the American Biffy Co., Ltd. and inventor of the Biffy’s signature bidet attachment for the commode. Because the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens, Dr. Smith developed an affordable bidet toilet system to counter the root cause for just such health/hygienic issues. Dr. Smith has a long established and respected family practice in Boulder City, NV and continues to develop product lines for the Biffy Bidet.