Experiencing Spring in Fast Forward

Spring is a time when everyone is impatient. Everyone is anxious for the weather to settle into a nice warm pattern. It’s hard to wait weeks and months for the succession of flowers to bloom, but there is a remedy!

As I left Ohio in the last days of March there was nary a bloom about. The trees were bare and the gloom of the overcast skies pressed down upon our little band of travelers in the car. We trundled down the interstate southwards and settled in for the long drive to Florida.

A few hours later I began to perk up, I noticed some white blossoms in Louisville. The Bradford Pears were beginning to bloom and my spirits picked up. The sun was out by then and surprisingly warm on my arms. South of Louisville I noted some pink blossoms and as we traveled down towards the Tennessee line, the Bradford Pears were fully bloomed and gorgeous and the pink mist of Red Buds were becoming apparent.

The scrub brush along the roadside began to be noticeably greener beginning with a misty green you could hardly see but now as we entered another state the new leaves and brush were definitely growing out. An hour later on the south side of Nashville, the Red Buds were now fully bloomed out, thick and purplish and the white Bradford Pear trees were shedding their blossoms in the breeze like a snow storm.

The Red Buds began to fade as we traveled on after lunch. I noticed Snowball bushes were suddenly visible everywhere, great clumps of round white flowers dotting shrubs in everyone’s yards. The Spirea was beginning to flower and I saw Iris and other spring flowers emerging.

By the late afternoon, miles further south, the misty green brush along the road was fully leafed out now for the season. The Red Buds, had heart shaped leaves pushing the spent blossoms to carpet the ground. Dogwoods floated lazily, covered with tiny blooms. Dogwoods are special because their branches seem to float and grow in layers. They have a special beauty that no other tree can match. An hour further south we noticed the pink Dogwoods, beautiful and glorious as the white blossems now streched out, fully open.

Throughout Alabama Azaleas popped up here and there and the Spirea became lush and full. We then neared the Florida state line. The Azaleas were, by this time, huge and gorgeous. They bloomed in so many colors we were almost color blind. The neon colors saturated our beings as we flew by bushes as large as a house covered in intense, purple, red, orange and magenta. It was almost more than we could take in after leaving colorless, gray Ohio just a few hours previous.

Crossing into Florida, the countryside was in full blown spring. Flowers everywhere and we marveled at how we actually fast forwarded spring this year. As we drove it was as if there was a time lapse camera outside our car windows. When we stepped out in Destin, Florida among the palms and Oaks dripping Spanish moss and full pansy beds, we felt as if we stepped out of H.G. Wells time machine.

How exciting it was to experience the entire spring season in one day!