Expanding Market Reach Via Internet Marketing in Bellingham Washington

Internet marketing Bellingham Washington provides companies opportunity to expand market reach within the community. Located in the Northwest region of the state, Bellingham is comprised of 25 unique communities serving a diverse culture of students, families, retirees, activists, and entrepreneurs.

Incorporating a variety of Internet marketing Bellingham Washington strategies allows local businesses multiple ways to market products and services. Positioned in Whatcom County, Bellingham is the 12th largest city in the state. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance deemed Bellingham as one of the top cities for retirement living and is renowned for hosting the longest running peace vigil in the country.

Bellingham businesses that embrace online marketing can easily connect with residents, tourists, and other companies through a variety of venues. Some of the most common Internet marketing strategies include: developing a website or blog, article marketing, local search directories, online videos, podcasting, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Internet marketing is multi-faceted. To succeed in this venue requires developing a strategic marketing management plan and a well-trained marketing team. Online marketing is entirely different than print advertising and requires skill sets that most business owners do not possess.

For example, Internet marketing typically begins with a company website. Websites are used to provide company information, sell products or services, build subscriber lists, and present marketing collateral such as online videos or podcasts.

In order for websites to be indexed via search engine requires proficiency in SEO copywriting skills. Web designers must have a solid understanding of meta tags, anchor text links, W3C compliance, FTC regulations, privacy protection, and link building online strategies.

Internet marketing also consists of digital newsletters, social media marketing, online video marketing, podcasting, blogging, and mobile marketing. To capitalize with every strategy requires at least one full-time employee per technique.

One advantage Bellingham business owners have over other areas within the state is the ease of access to college students. It can be advantageous for Bellingham companies to institute marketing intern programs or outsource ad campaigns to students. Not only do college students require extra cash, they offer fresh perspectives using current marketing trends. Better yet, they charge less than professionals.

One primary benefit of online marketing is the majority of strategies can be implemented for substantially less cost than print advertising. In fact, the only cost involved for most strategies is employee wages.

One strategy that should be at the top of the list is local search Bellingham Washington. Local search can be compared to taking out ads in print business directories. However, local search offers options that are not available with printed materials.

Local search providers allow Bellingham companies to publish their business address, phone number, hours of operation, website address, and driving directions. This information is linked to mapping services such as in-car navigation and 411 directories which provide driving directions and detailed maps.

Bellingham-based businesses should publish to major local search directories such as Google Places and Yahoo Local, as well as local directories such as CityDirectoryOnline.com and BellinghamDirect.info.

Another profitable marketing venue for Bellingham companies is that of social media marketing. This venue doesn’t cost a dime unless companies elect to engage in paid advertising. Social marketing is available for entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

People usually associate social marketing with Twitter and Facebook, but there are numerous ways to participate in social media marketing. Social media venues are one of the most affordable and effective ways to build brand recognition and develop long-lasting customer relations.

Incorporating Internet marketing is limited only by imagination. However, business owners must take time to learn how each strategy works; the pros and cons of each; how to interconnect multiple strategies; and how to track results.

It can be beneficial to consult with an Internet marketing consultant or outsource campaigns to an online marketing company familiar with the Bellingham market. Those who take time to become educated about the various ways to utilize Internet marketing strategies can dominate their niche and outrank local competitors.