Exercise Our Choices or Accept the Realities

In our daily lives, who is not frustrated with many issues that rob us of the pleasure of living? Many are able to get out of situations by looking at the positive side of the issues. But some get bogged down, unable to get out of the rut. It plays endlessly in our minds, casting a pall of gloom over our outlook in general and even put-off family and friends. But a change in outlook and approach to issues can make a real difference to anyone.

To get overwhelmed with tasks at home and office, often when they are in conflict is normal. Most want to get ahead in their careers but also want to be ideal family members, with clear roles to play. But in an often 24/7 working life the lines get blurred, and lead to heartburns when time is robbed from loved ones. We let down our own, or least that feeling plays in our minds endlessly. Soon enough, frustrations creep-in in our mindsets, spreading misery around. When at home, office matters plays in our mind, and then the other way around, while at office. The ultimate sufferers are us and our loved ones, for whom we profess to toil all day.

We have to get out of rut. For me, it was clear enough. I knew from the beginning I was not going to climb career ladders at the cost of family. Easy to differentiate between needs and wants and cut corners. Our minds do wander but occasional indulgences are better than daily splurges! Time with family is to be savored! And when people know our choices, only those with same mindsets come near us. Occasional remarks about upgrading this gadget and that are easily parried off! Good for them, but none in my priorities!

Having seen life in few countries, I have clear perspective of what is basic and those beyond that, which can bring grief, at least in my mindset. I have seen many, with seemingly everything at their command, leading miserable lives. And also some getting into a rut, but unwilling to make a choice to opt for a life that will bring them rewards in terms of contentment and happy family lives. They know continuing their present day lives is a misery, but unable to take corrective courses, mostly afraid of the uncertain future thereby!

Yes, it boils down to whether we sincerely want to make a change in our lives or just accept the reality and live with it. If our job is the pits, nothing prevents us from changing it. If such a course is fraught with uncertainties, which we do not want, then sincerely change our mindset to accept the reality and find ways to enjoy what we do. In family lives also, temporary setbacks can lead to long term meeting of our goals. Many successful hardly bother about such reverses, never wavering from their ideals of life. Technology and our lives are changing faster and those who adapt will only succeed, others are cast away sooner and ignored even by those who matter to us! That adds to the need to adhere to the basics that give us meaning and steady us in a tumultuous world.

Life can always be better, but can it be meaningful without some harsh realities and reverses to teach us and hold us firm to ground realities? How many have the mental fortitude to stand up after every reverse? The higher we rise the harder we fall is a concept we should keep in mind. As we grow up in years our ability to stand up, like we did when young, become suspect! We need to accept lots of realities with benign humility and also wait to get our word in, when the din is over; hopefully, deliver the coup de grace! We do play a different part, but still meaningful. Don’t we accumulate wisdom with every passing year?

The choices in life are more than what we see, but those that suit us vary according to our mental framework, age, needs etc. Even if we do not make many choices, it does not matter as long as we are comfortable and accept the realities that come from such attitude. I meet many who feel their lives have been unfair but when we do not want to exercise choices, who else to blame than us? The great equalizer in life is anyone can find happiness; it is a state of the mind after all! We need not be defeatist or get carried away, but what matters in the end are the rewards that satisfy us and the willingness to accept those we do not want to change! Many tend to carry on without coming to terms with certain basic realities. There is life at every level of existence and it is for us to find our true level! Hopefully, that also decides our future, beyond this planet or even within it, for those who believe in reincarnation!