Exercise Alternatives to the Gym

Exercise Alternatives to the Gym

Throughout the last fifteen years, a steady increase has been seen in health club and gym memberships with many people taking advantage of all the amenities they have to offer. From health trainers, and organized basketball tournaments, to Olympic sized pools and spinning classes there is literally an activity for anyone.

There is also the social aspect of the gym, where new people can be met that share similar interests or activities and perhaps one might find a romance blossoming at the treadmill. But more so that these establishments offer a social atmosphere, they can also be beneficial, thus improving your health, for a happy atmosphere is a healthy atmosphere. So in many ways the health spa is an ideal setting for many health conscious people.

There are however several alternatives when it comes to getting fit, or maintaining an active healthy lifestyle. Some are classics that have been around for ages, but are also proven winners in helping people stay fit through the years. Others are newcomers on the block that are quickly carving their own niche in the health field. Some of the more popular ones are listed.

Jogging : Always a healthy activity when practiced properly, works the body muscles in an even motion with particular attention paid to the leg muscles. Also a good cardiovascular exercise in addition to strengthening the lungs.

Aerobics / Jazzercise: A sure bet when needing to work all muscles for toning and definition also works body conditioning such as heart, and lungs. Very popular with the release of the sweating to the oldies series by Richard Simmons .

Speed walking / Mall walking : Gained prominence in early 90’s as an effective alternative to jogging. Less stressful and reduced impact on knees, and feet while still giving a good cardiovascular workout. Very popular among active seniors.

Home gym systems: Offering many of the exercises offered at spas with the added convenience of having one machine at home enabling a more flexible workout schedule.

Pilates: Very popular workout system that starts with the mind controlling the muscles of the body . Exercises involve the use of several items including exercise balls, resistance bands and rotating disks.

Tae Bo : System that uses the motions of Tae Kwon Do in a very rapid motion and is considered a form of cardio-boxing. Works all muscles of the body for a complete workout.

Kinect / Wii Fit : The modern day equivalent of the home gym, aerobics class and yoga all packaged as one system. A nice change from the typical video games by getting the body active within the gaming experience.

This represents only a fraction of the systems that are available with new ones being added all the time. And with any exercise routine it is up to the individual to find what best works for them. By experimenting with different routines you are sure to find more than one that best suits your needs. And that may be where the most fun lies. You will get the benefit of a healthier you while at the same time trying different activities and perhaps along the way stumble into more fun than you thought you would have by working out.