Enhancing and Highlighting (Some Of) Your Facial Features

The right hairstyle can correct “flaws” and play facial assets. Your best

features can also be enhanced with highlights!

Did you know that ALL hair has a natural variation in tone? Highlights

will boost this.

Maintaining highlights is less demanding than touching up roots on a

whole head. You can be subtle or dramatic, but be careful, for too much

highlighting can actually result in a bland look! (This can be remedied

by adding back strands in your natural color)

A re-do can be from three months to twice a year.

The cut and style of your hair determine where highlights are placed.

Light browns or blondes can get a sun-kissed effect, while iced-tea or

cognac-tinted strands will look great in deep brunette hair. And in short

cuts, highlights break the “helmet look.”

Highlighting can even be done on hair that’s been colored.

Let’s look at a few feature-enhancing and highlight options, shall we?

1. To Highlight Your Cheekbones-A crop or short razor-cut bob works perfectly.

Wearing choppy angled layers close to the cheekbones will give the illusion of

chiseled cheeks.

2 Emphasize Your Neck-To create a longer-looking neck, hair should fall to or

below the shoulders. This’ll draw the eye downward.

3 Widen Up Close-Set Eyes-Wear your hair off your face. It’ll draw your eyes

together, making them appear even more close-set.

4 Want To Slim Down Your Mug?-Either a deep side part or adding some height

at the crown and length at the neck will slim a round face.

5 Or Do You Want To Soften Angular Features?-Hair that falls below the jar

helps to balance sharp facial features. And a square jaw line needs soft

layering to ease (or tone down) the sharpness.

6 Here’s How To Enhance Your Face Shape (or Best Features) With Highlights:

OVAL-Highlight heavily around the sides of the face. This gives some width.

SQUARE-To minimize a strong jaw line, start highlights midway down the hair


ROUND-Concentrate highlights near the top of the head to visually slim your


HEART-To visually widen a narrow chin, add highlights from the ears down to


7 For The Best Blonde Highlights: If your hair color’s Dark Blonde, your best highlights would be Pale Blonde and

Nearly-platinum. For Color Placement, frame face with bold, blonde half-chunks

and scatter golden highlights throughout the rest.

For Brown hair, a Deep Golden Brown, two shades lighter than the rest of your

hair would work well. Scatter the base color with chunky-to-fine highlights.

Do you have Auburn, Black, or a shade in-between these two? Go for Golden

Blondes and Browns. For your Color Placement, apply Golden Blonde

highlights a half-inch from the hairline.

Add a subtle set of golden brown streaks behind the lighter ones.