Easy Family Hiking Trails in Raleigh and Durham

There are many easy to moderate level hiking trails in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina the family can enjoy. This article highlights four trails in the Triangle Area locals and visitors highly suggest you try.

Yates Mill Park

Yates Mill Park is the home of the only remaining gristmill in Wake County. Yates Mill Park also offers fun hiking trails. The best trails include the Tree Identification Trail, the Millpond Trail, the High Ridge Trail, and the Creekside Trail. Each of the trails are .44 miles to 1 mile long which is not bad at all. The park is open 7 days a week from 8 am to sunset. It is located at 4620 Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh. The greenway trail system of the Yates Mill Park welcomes dogs, cyclists, joggers, skaters, and children. The greenway trail system is free for visitors to use.

Lake Crabtree County Park

The Lake Crabtree County Park has trails for those who love hiking. There two trails are the Old Beech Trail and the Highland Trail. The Old Beech Trail has a tree identification center and an old sawmill site. It is only .6 miles long which is great for walkers. The Highland Trail has three loops for those interested in hiking, jogging, or biking. The park and its hiking trails are located at 1400 Aviation Parkway in Morrisville which is close to both Raleigh and Durham.

Lake Johnson Trail

When hiking on the Lake Johnson Trail, you will see beautiful scenery that includes a lake view and glances of wildlife. Hikers love the Lake Johnson Trail because it is peaceful, quiet, and doesn’t have a lot of people using it at once. The trail has dirt paths and paved paths. Take your family to the Lake Johnson Trail, for exercise and relaxation a breezy afternoon. The Lake Johnson Park is located at 4601 Avent Ferry Road in Raleigh.

William B. Umpstead Park Trails

The 5,439 acre park William B. Umpstead Park has short trails for leisure walkers and long trails that go in the woods for serious hikers. The 6 mile Loblolly Trail is great for advanced hikers who need a challenge. The trails contain beautiful natural scenery, including a view of the lake, flowers, wildlife, birds, and trees. A few of the trails at that park interconnect to keep hikers, runners, and walkers from getting lost. The William B. Umpstead Park asks all visitors to remain on the hiking paths. Many rare plants live on thin soil and rocks off the paths and can be easily damaged by intruders. The park and its trails are located at 8801 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.

West Point on the Eno Park

West Point on the Eno River Park is 388 acre park and has six trails for hiking. The easy trails are the Buffalo Spur, Laurel Cliffs Nature Trail, and South River Trail. The trails of moderate difficulty are the Buffalo Trail, Eagle Trail, and Sennett Hole Trail. Hikers are bound to spot tons of wildlife and plant life: white-tailed dear, wildflowers, ducks, geese, hawks, turtles frogs, blue violets, southern magnolias, etc. Watch out for the snakes and poison oak! West Point on the Eno Park is located at 5101 N. Roxboro Road in Durham.