Easy Easter Favors Kids and Adults Can Make

If you’re planning an Easter party or just want to make your Easter dinner table look nice, Easter themed favors can add that special touch that makes both children and adults smile. Some people spend a lot of money on cute store bought favors to decorate their table with but there’s really no need as there are several homemade Easter favors that you can make yourself. Best of all you probably already have the materials you need on hand. Most are so simple that to save time you could even have your kids make them. To help you choose the perfect homemade Easter favor here are three of my favorites.

Easy Easter Favors Kids and Adults Can Make

Jelly Bean Filled Cellophane Carrots
Simple and inexpensive to make these shiny cellophane carrots are a great way to keep the jelly beans in your Easter basket in one place.

Materials Needed:

Orange cellophane
Green curling ribbon
Scotch tape
Jelly beans
Black marker
Shredded green tissue paper


1. Use the marker to trace several 6″ x 6″ squares on the orange cellophane paper.

2. Cut out each square with the scissors.

3. Take one square of cellophane and fold one of the top points toward the opposite bottom point.

4. Use a piece of tape to hold it together.

5. Bring the bottom point toward the top point to form a funnel or cone shape.

6. Tape in place.

7. Fill 3/4 full with jelly beans.

8. Fill the last 1/4 of the funnel shape with shredded green tissue paper and tie closed with a piece of green curling ribbon.

9. Tie several more pieces of curling ribbon around the top and curl by sliding your scissor blade along the ribbon.

10. Place several finished jelly bean carrot favors in an Easter basket and use to decorate your holiday table or hand out atan Easter party.

Mini Easter Basket Candy Cups
These simple candy filled Easter baskets made out of paper cups look great sitting on your Easter table or given as favors at your child’s Easter party

Materials Needed:

Paper cups
Green construction paper
Yellow and orange construction paper
Green pipe cleaners
Hole punch
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Small chocolate bunnies
Small Easter candies


1. Cut a piece of green construction paper long enough to wrap around the cup and a 1/2″ taller than the cup.

2. Use the scissors to cut jagged points to look like grass on one of the longer sides of the green construction paper.

3. Glue the green paper, point side up around the paper cup.

4. Punch a hole on either side of the cup using the hole punch.

5. Wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil and then slide it off the end of the pencil to give the pipe cleaner a spiral shape.

6. Slightly stretch the spiral shaped pipe cleaner and attach to the cup by inserting each end through a hole and twisting closed.

7. Trace a small orange five petaled flower shape on construction paper and cut out.

8. Trace a small flower center on the yellow construction paper and cut out.

9. Glue the flower center in the middle of the flower shape.

10. Hot glue the flower in the center of the pipe cleaner basket handle.

11. Fill with Easter candy and place a small chocolate bunny in the center of the basket.

12. Use as place cards for Easter dinner or hand out as favors at an Easter party.

Easter Chick Candy Holder
These cute Easter chick candy holders make a great table decoration at either an Easter party or Easter dinner.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard bathroom tissue roll
Yellow construction paper
Orange construction paper
Wiggle eyes
Yellow feathers
Hole punch
Yellow pipe cleaners
Small Easter candies


1. Measure and cut a piece of yellow construction paper to fit around the cardboard bathroom tissue tube.

2. Stand the cardboard tube upright on a piece of yellow construction paper and trace around the circumference of the tube.. Cut the circle out and set aside.

3. Cut two small hearts out of orange construction paper for the chicks feet.

4. Trace a small triangle shaped beak on orange construction paper and cut out.

5. Spread glue on the bottom of the cardboard tube and place on top of the yellow circle.

6. Spread glue on the sides of the cardboard tube and cover with the yellow square of construction paper.

7. Glue the orange beak in the center of the upper third of the cardboard tube.

8. Glue two wiggle eyes just above the beak.

9. Glue the two orange hearts points facing in, to the underside of the cardboard tube.

10. Punch a hole in either side of the cardboard tube and thread a pipe cleaner through the holes to make a handle.

11. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner closed to secure it to the tube.

12. Glue a yellow feather to either side of the cardboard tube to make wings. You can also glue a couple of small feathers to the top of the tube near the opening to give your chick a little more pizazz.

13. Allow to dry completely then fill with small Easter candy such as jelly beans or foil wrapped chocolates.

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