Easter Basket Ideas: Beach Lovers Easter Basket

Spring into action by offering the Beach Lovers Easter Basket in celebrating Easter and honoring the beach. Peter Cottontail should follow these suggestions, tips with tricks to be one hop closer towards a sunburst of smiles in a tsunami of appreciation.

Which came first, the basket or the egg? Easter eggs were known to be held in bonnets. Hence, the Easter bonnet. And thanks to a couple of German travelers with a traditional basket sense, the US has transformed into an Easter loving nation. Now let’s sea what we can create.

But first, the expected supplies.

Easter baskets usually require a basket [beach hat or pail], one newspaper, Easter grass [filler], clear basket wrap or festive wrapping paper, scissors, thick or thin ribbon, plastic Easter eggs, one twisty [used to secure some garbage bags], a card, a traditional chocolate bunny and the usual fruits everyone has grown accustomed to.

Basket theme colors would include blue wrap [blue as water] and rich green ribbon [color of a radiant seaweed]. Ribbon length depends on basket size. Filler color options are light tan [sand] or scenic as mentioned on page two.

Baskets, Fillers & Pillows:

A beach hat can be used as a basket [and a gift]. Purchase a beach hat, turn it upside down and fill it as you would an Easter basket. Where to find a good straw hat?

Amazon [link] has some perfect flat bottom hat shapes. The Raffia Straw Hat, Amazon product ID #ATT W32S13F, is a fitting selection. Durable and well defined, the Raffia goes for $14.99. Keyword: ATT W32S13F. If that does not work for you there is always a choice from the multiple decorative styles on the market or you could do-it-yourself.

DIY beach hats require a glue gun, a wide to medium brim straw hat and whatever unique item you wish to add around the beach hat. You would be amazed at what craft stores have these days – from shell beads, pearls to long thin cloth of various patterns to cut into a band. Glue or sew your item(s) to the hat in reaching the desired design.

You could also use a pail for a basket. Beach pails or buckets are sold at most locations for only a couple of dollars. When you have decided and completed the task of gathering the basket, again, turn it over and fill it up.

Beach towel base fillers best fit inside of medium size baskets. Super large baskets may require a beach blanket filler. Simply do everything with the blanket as you would with the towel in the next process. Purchase a towel with a pretty beach scene and turn it upside down next to the basket. Hold that thought.

Place crumbled up half sheets of newspaper on one sheet of newspaper then fold the newspaper shut creating one large newspaper ball. Place the newspaper ball [base filler] on the center of the towel behind the scenic section you wish to be in basket view upon completion. Fold the towel edges around the newspaper ball. Lightly pick up the towel so that it is easy to flip it over into the basket. Tuck inside of the basket. You now have a great basket filler or as some call the addition – a basket pillow.

Salt water taffy filler for taffy lovers! How to spread the taffy inside of the basket? First, back to the base filler – newspaper. Once you have a large newspaper ball, tuck the “pillow” of newspaper inside of the basket. Place the salt water taffy out of the box, from which it came, inside of the basket as well. Evenly spread. This filler may need two salt water taffy boxes to cover the base filler.

The same could be done with one large bag of tan jelly beans or soft shelled nuts. Real seashells or sand are not good filler ideas for various reasons, including the obvious. Hard shell and sand granules can pose an issue for various reasons, including scratching gift surfaces.

Beach-ster eggs! Here comes the Easter egg ideas. Draw a crab, a seahorse, or write a saying, a message with the wax crayon before slipping the egg into the egg coloring. Easter eggs painted into beach balls is another good idea. Just use safe paints and color each other slice of the “ball” with any color you wish. Make sure that there are only four sections [or slices] on the beach ball design.

Beach lovers, who rarely get to travel to the beach, would appreciate this Easter basket idea. They are going to love it! Let’s fill that basket. But first, what age is the person receiving this basket? You’ll find a little something for everyone with these next t-shirt gift ideas.

Daddy’s Infant or Toddler:

Cafe Press shares Little Fish clothing with a variety of designs, sizes, including an infant onesie. The Nemo type clown fish design [product ID #122249747] is favored. The cute as buttons t-shirt comes in 100% cotton, a clown fish in the center and the word Daddy’s on top with the word Little Fish on the bottom. This toddler t-shirt goes for $10. Cafepress.com has a large line of t-shirt options and designs to sift through with sizes from infants to adults.

Jr Hoodie:

The Signature Blue Shark Logo Fitted Jr Hoodie [$29], product #29743431, is popular but only comes in small. The white hoodie has a black shark on the back swimming towards the hood. Also found on Cafepress. Keyword: 29743431.

Adult Size:

Beach sayings on adult t-shirts include If I can’t wear my flip flops I’m not going, beach bum, and my favorite $22 purchase, Girls’ Weekend T! [Keyword: 465444710] . Girls’ Weekend! is absolutely adorable with a group of girls lined up on the face of the shirt. The girls are youthful with hats, beachwear, a surfboard, and dressed for the beach with the words Girls’ Weekend! at the bottom.

Choose a t-shirt(s) from any of these suggestions or purchase one from a local department store or surf shop. But how to wrap a t-shirt for this Easter surprise? Time to wrap and roll!

Ribbon Curls:

Roll each t-shirt, or a bundle of shirts, and wrap with the green ribbon. Use the side of the scissors to curl the loose ends of the ribbon. Simply open the scissors, place the ribbon flat one side and press with your thumb as you swiftly, but rationally, run the ribbon through your thumb and scissor side. It may take practice and please be careful not to cut yourself. Use the angle of the dull side to create curls.

Heavy and large items should be placed into the basket before all soft, medium, and small items. Heavy or large items can include flip flops or sandals, bottles of wine or champagne, little something from Victoria’s Secret, or the t-shirts mentioned a paragraph back.

Other Beach Related Items:

A seascape mug, a waterproof watch, fishing equipment, sunblock, tanning lotion, a packaged beach ball, goggles, mini spray fan or sand sculpture candles. Kitchen items are not out of the question for those who love to cook. Seagull napkin rings, Pelican pot holders, or a new pair of shakers can be added into the basket

Amazon [link] displays food safe cast Sea Turtle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set for just under $20. The silver shakers prove adorable with the delicate appeal of a harmless and cute pair of sea turtles. Check out Bed, Bath and Beyond for other beach related decor to use as gifts [don’t forget that 20% off coupon they usually mail].

Ocean sounds or familiar beach music can be purchased by CD. Or you could burn a CD to add inside of the basket. Beach related movies can include Weekend at Bernie’s I or II, Jaws, or Psycho Beach Party. Beach decorated notepads, journals, books, or surf magazines are also great basket additives.

Stuff the Easter basket with gifts and beach decor then take a break and eat an egg sandwich. Once you return, continue.

Final Check:

The base filler, check. Basket filler, check. Heavy or large gifts, check. Chocolate bunny, check. Large or fruits, check. Medium size items, check. Small gifts, check. Easter eggs [including plastic eggs], check. Small candy, snacks, jelly beans, check. small Airplane bottles, check. Living room sofa, check. Place all of the items, except the last two [well maybe just the last] inside of the basket in the order described.

Easter card or notes, messages, sayings, electronic surprise or anything that does not come inside of a box marks the next task. Electronic gifts, e-cards, e-mail messages and/or gift cards by code should be added within an Easter card via message. You can find Easter messages through Easter Holiday Greeting Card Messages.

Purchase or create an Easter card, or note, and stick inside of the basket. Prop the card between items inside of the basket or use a hole puncher and puncture a hole on the corner of the card before threading the ribbon through to tie to the basket. Let them know they’ve got mail!

Wrapping it up!

Place the wrap on a clean flat surface and center the basket on top. You can cut the wrap in a circle congruent to the sphere measure of the hat or leave the wrap in the traditional square form. But there are two ways to wrap when using two different shapes.

Square Wrapping:

Place the twisty nearby. Pick up one corner tip of the wrap and carry to the opposite side and grab the opposite tip, hold both tips with one hand. Do the same for the other two corners until all four corners meet at that one hand. Work your hand down with help of the other hand until you have reached at least six inches from the tips of the wrap. Use the twisty and twist at that location of the wrap. Once you have secured the wrap take your fingers and very lightly tease, or fluff, the wrap. Tie a ribbon around the secure location and add that bow!

Circle Wrapping:

Place the twisty nearby. This wrap is random. The basket should be centered on the wrap. Take your fingers and work them up from the bottom, where the basket meets the wrap, until you reach a desired location to secure with the twisty. Secure with a twisty and lightly fluff. Circular wrapping usually creates a nice pom-pom feature when there is a short distance between the tip and the twisty. Meaning, you could give the basket a trim and create a carnation topper.

Peter Cottontail is ready! Deliver this bundle of beach joy to a lucky girl or boy [of any age] this Easter. Happy Easter!

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Photo by Lori Lane (p); Shops of mention: Amazon.com; Cafepress.com