Early Puberty and Dying from Cancer. What Do You Mean Diagnosis Cancer Doc?

It is not my intention to slam dunk parents so to speak here in the following words you are about to read, only to brighten our horizons or shed a little light on the important subject of nutrition. To monitor what goes into our children’s mouths is of the utmost importance to their human body especially when it comes to poor choices in eating habits that will affect them later on in life. Not only is it of absolute utter necessity to see that they get a balanced nutritional diet with the proper foods but to curb their appetites for that instant gratification to the human body the stuff that we all call Junkfood.

Take for example the hottest new sensation to the teen world, Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has some excellent qualities but some bad habits when it comes to eating.The Good Looking Heartthrob that has wooed us with his voice, charmed us with his poise, enamored us with his passion and hypnotized us with his Good Looks is genuine good people. He has tickled us with his schoolboy humility that even the shyest of young females would throw themselves at him at an instant and be totally in love with this transcendant icon for many years to come. Good Bye Elvis Presley not to mention Michael Jackson since the newest teen idol sensation has just arrived to Woo the World and his name as you know is Justin Bieber.

I have the utmost respect for his mother Pattie Mallette who has raised him from infancy to his present age of 17 as a single parent and is one of the main cataclysts for his present day fame, fortune and success. The problem with fame and fortune is it never comes without a price and sometimes the price is too high, especially when it comes to premature death as was the case with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.The Pop Idol I like to call the new Rising Star of the 21st century Justin Bieber will hopefully set the example for our youth when it comes to good eating habits or our youth are in peril, as far as their health is concerned, down the road.

Some of Justin Bieber’s favorite foods are Strawberry Pop Tarts, fruit roll ups, candy swedish fish and other candy which when consumed in abundance may be very harmful to your pancreas and lead to sugar diabetes in years to come. Justin Bieber’s food intake occassionally consists of Cool Ranch Doritos, apple strudel, pop tarts and more junk food that will only bring total devastation to the human body unless we the parents of the world, who supposedly love our children immensely, curb what goes into our children’s mouths. Healthy habits is what we have to install into our children’s minds if we want them to live long healthy, happy and productive lives in years to come.

Lets learn a lesson from the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley who loved to eat at greasy spoons and chowed down on lots of red meat which only helped bring about his demise as far as liver complications and having his large intestine clogged with fecal matter indicating a chronic bowel problem primarily due to his eating habits that led to his downfall. Elvis’s heart attack was induced by a massive colon blockage due to the rich foods and junk food he ate which in turn lead to his enlarged heart with a significant amount of coronary atherosclerosis.

I am terribly afraid for our youth today especially when you look at all the facts, figures and information that is at our disposal for us to view and digest and let settle in our minds for awhile. For example according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman M. D. who has written an excellent book ” Eat to Live ” has pointed out some amazing facts for us to look at and digest. He stated, ” the unhealthy childhood nutritional practices causes excessive sex hormone production and early pathologic changes in the breast tissue that set the stage for cancer many years later in life. ” It is common knowledge among physicians that the earlier a woman matures as measured by the age of her first menstrual period, the higher her risk for breast cancer. But woman are not the only ones affected as a higher increase in maturation in men as seen by higher hormonal levels increased risk of both prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The nuts and bolts of the matter and the thought I’m trying to convey is this ” if we grow and mature more rapidly we increase our cancer risk and die sooner. ” Studies performed on lab rats have shown the more we feed them the faster they grow but eventually they died at a younger age. “

According to the World Health Organization the average age at which puberty began in 1840 was 17 but in the age we now live in the 21st century the average age of menstration is 12. Modern studies have shown girls on vegetarian diets which included more complex carbohydrates and no meat showed a later age of menarche ( menstruation ) and a significant reduction in acne as well.Once again I quote Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D. ” Carcinogenesis, the process that leads to cancer, is believed to occur in a series of steps, beginning with precancerous cellular damage that usually occurs during adolescence and soon after puberty. Unhealthy childhood nutritional practices cause excessive sex hormone production that set the stage for cancer many years later in our childrens lives. “

Justin Bieber shows he has what it takes to be great example and a success. We beg of you to be our spokesperson for the health and youth of our nations. ” Just say no to drugs, junk food, fast food and yes to more fruit and vegetables. ” Not only will the young women of our nations love you but the parents of our youth will love you too.”