Dump It: ‘Hangover 2’ Starts Strong

Dump It starts with the idea that the phrase, “Leaving the light on for you” may not be the way to go, right? Tom Bodet and Motel 6 have embedded that phrase into our lives and I love it. One has to wonder when they will be forced (see McDonald’s) or harassed into stopping that practice to help save the planet. And what kind of light is used? Let’s hope it’s not one of those Thomas Edison’s lightbulbs. Why? They will be outlawed soon, and therefore, phased out.
– With the Iowa border less than 2 hours from the home base of operation for this
service, I will surely be heading there when the secretly filmed documentary about Sarah Palin by Stephen Bannon is released.
The very fact that it will make some people cringe and froth at the mouth is worth the trip. Those haters do not seem to realize that their views get somewhat clouded when the
rage erupts.
I can confirm, along with Newsmax, that the film is set for release in Iowa in June and is called “The Undefeated.” It will give an insight into the woman who became John McCain’s vice presidential candidate, and show her fighting Big Oil in her home state of Alaska. Bannon, a conservative filmmaker, intends to have this film, in a sense, reintroduce Palin to the voters of America. And to try to throw water on the fire of all those stereotypes.
In other words, those who hate now will hate even more very soon. I can’t wait.
– Fox wins the coveted 18-49 demo but CBS wins the season – – again. However, look at the list for Fox:
* FOX once again drew the youngest audience among the Big Four networks and with originals closed the season with:
– The most-watched program in TV history ‘” “Super Bowl XLV”
– The No. 1 show on Television ‘” “American Idol”
– The No. 1 comedy among Women ‘” “Glee”
– The No. 1 scripted series among Men ‘” “Family Guy”
– The No. 1 scripted series among Teens ‘” “Glee”
– The No. 1 new scripted series among Young Adults ‘” “Raising Hope”
– The No. 1 new scripted series among Teens ‘” “Raising Hope”
Source: Fox. Neilsen.
– No need for the press to wait until a Friday dump to ignore our president’s flubs overseas. They just do not seem to care as much now the way they used to. I am all for asking our last president the tough questions and poking fun, as well. How about now, press corp? The office is still the same and so are the pitfalls and pressure.
– “Hangover 2”
– “Kung Fu Panda 2”
Box Office Mojo
Notes: The Memorial Weekend launched with those midnight showing Thursday so we are on are way. Last week, I focused not on the potential of “Pirates” but the legs of “Bridesmaids.” It payed off as they were a solid No. 2. This weekend a pair of 2s battle it out which means, let’s take a look at “Pirates” this weekend. Will it fall from No. 1 and if so, how much? Now, “Hangover 2” took in $10 million at those midnight showings, and that bodes well for the weekend. The other 2 is “Kung Fu Panda 2.” The winner of the Cannes film festival, “Tree of Life” starts its slow opening, while “United Red Army” and “Tuesday, After Christmas” are out as well.
– In a season in which I didn’t watch, but “American Idol” has staying power, even with new judges. The show’s finale nabbed an average of 29.2 million. That was up from last season.
– Let’s hope he was kidding when Hines Ward said his “Dancing” trophy would go right next to his MVP “Super Bowl” trophy.
SHARKS ON LAND: Soon, very soon, at Chicago’s Navy Pier, we will see shark’s swimming on the land. With no apologies to Jimmy Buffett on that one,
because his own Margaritaville, which was scheduled to open Memorial Weekend, will now have its fins ready by mid June.
However, a taste of what is to come can be sampled when Navy Pier opens up their newly named Landshark Beer Garden. Many are already familiar with the place where bands bands, refreshments and food are served, but now it has a new name. Landshark, of course, is Buffett’s beer.

* Google a day …that first answer is the Wild Turkey..no google needed…Ben Franklin..

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