Don’t Let Ignorant People Vote, Let Everyone Vote

Lz Ganderson CNN advocates that the public should take an intellectual exam to deem voter worthiness.

Well LZ, voting is not only intellectual or a poll based response; it has an emotional and social poignancy. Ganderson’s candid attempt to intellectualize voting is an attack on ‘free democracy’, because the personal choices and convictions of men and women are protected under their free will, and in whatever state one votes[labeled ignorant by some or not], so be their heart moved. Passing a few book questions is not a solution.

Back to the old ages

This line of academic uber snob returns us to the ages when the rich and intellectual classes held universal suffrage, whilst the rest were considered too dumb. Of course we are not all going to be equally smart, but my feelings are mine, and what’s near and dear to my feelings and emotions has nada to do with your intellectual summary.

Social issues

There are a plethora of social issues working anti intellectualism here, things like abortion, marriage and social justice, and you can’t put tangents or take a final exam like the wizard conjures.

We are social individuals and so we vote socially. The intellect cornea spends eye vision looking at words concluding that he understands the entire universe, but his is a world of idealisms, some great and some ignorant too.

Our overly intellectual president Woodrow Wilson thought that his fourteen points and ideas could solve Europe’s post world war one issues, so much for book smarts, he helped plant the seeds for what we all know.

The point is that intellect alone cannot atone for the human fullness of choice; emotion; feeling and morality are also a part of integral humanity.

Why confusion in Washington

Though the founding fathers were intellects as our guru points out , they were deeply Christian, a religion with a history out lasting the Romans. Christianity was tried and tested over many diverse tongues, centuries and nations.

God has been evaporated from our government today, that is why there is confusion. How many politicians speak up for Jesus Christ? Our fore fathers prayed before they presided, now they eat tofu, cheese and do yoga, come on, what nation that practices yoga has ever been dominant.

Nature of politics

The crowd is fickle and easily swayed by good rhetoric, if Plato can attest. In my own words, politics by fundamental nature is fickle and the simplicity of the trickle wins the day, meaning that the simplest ingestible argument wins the day.

Knowledge is power, but a Catholic doctor will likely vote differently because of abortion than an atheist doctor, even though they might be equally capable and read.

So to the rabid intellectual, how do you qualify or quantify abortion, gay marriage, religion, social issues and personal ones.

Let us be conscious about our words, pride can be subtle, overt, loud, and opinionated and I too am not immune.

Voting is more than intellectualism, it is also human, personal and emotional.