Donald Trump Shuts Up Finally … Maybe? We Can Only Hope

It appears that “The Donald” has finally piped down after the events of the past couple of weeks. Let’s summarize the five events that has caused Donald Trump, a one-time American “legend,” to finally shut up.

1) President Obama releases his long form birth certificate. When presented with the birth certificate while on the road, Trump refused to look at it even after crowing “Just show us the birth certificate!” from the hills on every news show he could book.

2) President Obama and Seth Miller roast him at White House Correspondence Dinner. After releasing his birth certificate, the president took the opportunity to roast Donald Trump incessantly in front of a crowd of his peers and pretty much, the world. He then tapped Seth Miller in to finish the Donald off. Nicely done.

3) It is confirmed that Donald Trump’s own son-in-law was accepted into Harvard university despite very low scores and poor performance. Apparently, even the administration at Harvard confirmed that they were surprised this kid was accepted. His rich father bought his way in with $2.5 million donation to the school. This came right after Donald Trump whined that he has friends who couldn’t get their kids into Ivy League schools, so just how could Obama get into Harvard? Not to mention, professors and colleagues confirm that President Obama was an exceptional student at Harvard and headed up the Harvard Law Review. Nope Donald, unqualified students definitely don’t get this honor, not even “the blacks.”

4) President Obama finally catches Osama bin Laden. Not even a week later, President Obama proves that yes he is a competent and tough leader who takes no prisoners when necessary (we also learned that during the White House Correspondence dinner). Trump has little to say. The President then comes onto Trump’s turf, NYC, as a way to give 9/11 victims some sense of closure and is welcomed with open arms.

5) President Obama’s news preempts the Apprentice on NBC. In a final show of poetic justic, President Obama’s speech concerning the capture of the world’s most sought after villain kicks Donald Trump’s show, which he has been promoting for weeks, off the air.

So Donald Trump shuts up, finally. Well, let’s see if it lasts. If he continues to talk after these undeniably embarrassing events that proved him a blowhard, quack and as many say, a confirmed racist it is only further proof that sometimes wealth and power does not go to those who deserve it.

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