Does Your Workflow for Litigation Matters Make Financial, Legal, and Operational Sense?

Due to the exponential growth in electronic business documents, partnering with a dedicated and competent litigation support services firm for Managed Services is:

  • Strategically Smart: It provides a vast knowledge base, systems and processes that solve any procedural gaps that may exist in-house
  • Measurably Efficient: It avoids competing for resources that law firms, specialty practices, consulting firms, and other corporations are fighting for
  • Mitigating Risks: It manages the data and workflow outside of retained counsel can reduce exposure to costly risks ‘” which is especially important considering how complex, prolonged and unpredictable eDiscovery matters can be
  • Financially Responsible: it reduces the costs of managing internal staff and systems in-house, which do not pencil-out ‘” especially considering the cyclic nature of eDiscovery matters

The verdict is clear: it’s no longer feasible to exclusively manage eDiscovery in house, or exclusively seek outside support. Fortunately, there’s an alternative that helps solves this problem; the solution is Managed Services.

Managed Services provide businesses with an intelligent, reliable, cost-effective, and scalable way to handle almost all eDiscovery matters in-house in a manner that makes clear fiduciary sense. Managed Services empower businesses to establish predicable pricing/budgets, develop effective processes, access to best practices experts, and create a partnership with an industry leader who they can consult with.

Eleven Key Benefits of Managed Services:

  • 1. Cost Effective: In terms of equipment, technology, and staff, Managed Services can help avoid the massive costs of creating an in-house eDiscovery solution. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the costs associated with using outside/retained counsel.
  • 2. Cost Predictability: Managed Services allow your business to control annual eDiscovery costs through subscription-based pricing. You will enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your eDiscovery management obligation is going to be affordable, predictable and in-control.
  • 3. Investment vs. Expense: Managed Services empower you to finally predict the total cost of ownership and fix an expected budget, while having the option to rollover the service to a ‘right-sized’ in-house solution that’s augmented by external, yet parallel outsourced services.
  • 4. Improved Results: Managed Services provide predictable eDiscovery systems that are truly repeatable and defensible in court.
  • 5. Customized Solutions: Managed Services position you to access customized solutions that fit your business needs, as well as the needs of your clients.
  • 6. Flexible and Scalable: Managed Services programs can seamlessly adjust to your changing, and often unpredictable, eDiscovery obligations. One month may have substantial activity, while the next may be relatively calm. With a Managed Services program, these cycles are transparent.
  • 7. Access to Experts: Managed Services allow your business to delegate data management along the full spectrum of the EDRM ( to proven and qualified experts.
  • 8. Best-fit Technologies: By leveraging Managed Services in your eDiscovery management portfolio, you’ll have the freedom to choose the right technology for a specific need. Keep in mind that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” technology solution when it comes to eDiscovery.
  • 9. Increase Efficiency: Managed Services compliment your business with a single eDiscovery partner in a valued and trusting relationship. This creates an efficient workflow, which improves the quality of work, as well as financials.
  • 10. Optimize IT Staff: Managed Services minimize the burden that eDiscovery obligations place on in-house IT staff, so they can efficiently spend time on more on productive and profitable activities.
  • 11. Personal Focus: Managed Services allow you to get the personal and focused attention you need from a dedicated Case Management team; one that knows the ins and outs of unique, and often complex, legal matters.

In light of these compelling benefits, it’s clear that Managed Services are the smart solution for today’s business environment. What’s also clear is that TERIS is the right solutions partner for your eDiscovery management needs.

With a national network of offices, TERIS has the expertise, experience, skill, and knowledge it takes to deliver the full range of benefits described above ‘” including proven and significant cost savings.

Kevin Brooks is the Executive Vice President for TERIS’ Northern California division. He’s been an industry leader for over 9 years, and under his leadership TERIS has emerged as one of the largest, most competent litigation support providers in Northern California.

As the largest full-service litigation support provider on the West Coast, TERIS is the pioneer and leader in providing managed services, offering sophisticated consultation-based solutions, state-of-the-art technologies, and highly experienced project management. TERIS is a dedicated partner that empowers its clients to benefit from the highest level of results, service, care and professional attention. For more information, please visit