DIY – Reusing Household Items for Other Things Around Your House! 13 Common Household Items with Multi-Uses!

Ever noticed old household items and wondered if you can reuse it for other things around your house?

Do you wonder if there are any other uses for an old tennis ball besides using it as a dog’s chew toy?

This article will inform you of different ways to use common household items for other things around your house.


DIY – Makeup Organizer

Ever notice your makeup strewn about? Want a fun, creative way to organize it? Using a magnetic board (or you can create your own), your makeup containers, and magnets will create an inventive, new way to store your makeup.

Using an old picture frame, go to a hardware store and picked up some metal. You can have them cut it so it can fit inside the frame (unless you have a metal cutter, and prefer to do it yourself). Then spray adhesive to stick a colorful fabric that is measured to the same size as the frame-sized metal.

Next, you need to hot glue magnets (you can purchase them from a dollar store) to the backs of the makeup containers.

Have brushes and liners?? Use extra strong magnets and some small containers (like pill containers painted dark) or a small, metal container.

This will create convenient and easy way to store your makeup oppose to leaving them in a basket to collect dust.

DIY- Key Holder with No Hooks

Find a light switch plate that is located near your door and unscrew the switch plate. Take a small magnet and stick it behind the light switch plate. Put the light switch plate back on. Now you can stick your keys right to the light switch without any need for a hook or bowl near your door.


Avoid Rust on Your Small Tools
Ever notice your garden tools getting rusty when leaving them outside? A great way to store your tools and prevent them from rusting is to place your tools in a bucket full of sand to keep them clean, dry, and free of rust or other corrosion. The sand will wick away moisture and help keep your tools dry until the next use.

Clean Up Oil Spills
Sprinkle a generous amount of sand onto the oil spill. Let the grains soak up the oil, then sweep up the mess.


Clean Your Swimming Pool
Do you notice an oily residue in your swimming pool? For a quick way to remove oils from the surface of a swimming pool, throw in a few tennis balls.

The reason a tennis ball works for cleaning pools?

Its velvety surface will absorb the oils left behind on the surface of the water from visitors coming and going. Replace the balls every few weeks.

Get a Grip!
Cut a tennis ball in half and use it to get a better grip when opening jars. Just place the ball half over the lid, and the rubber on the inside grips the lid to help you rotate it easier.

Black Scuffs?
Use to clean black scuff marks, from any hard-surface floor, by cutting a hole in the ball and staking it with an old broom handle

Fluff Up Laundry
Throw a few tennis balls into the dryer when you are drying comforters, fluffy coats, pillows, or anything else that could use a good fluffing. Tennis balls can also help any laundry load dry faster – just throw two or three tennis balls in the dryer and your clothes will be done quicker.

Protect a padlock.
Cut a slit in a tennis ball with a utility knife and slip it over an outdoor padlock to prevent water from getting into it and freezing.


Stinky Shoes?
Deodorize your shoes by taking a coffee filter, filling it with a little backing soda, and then using a twist tie to lock the baking soda inside the coffee filter. Then toss it inside the shoe and let it sit overnight.

Melted Plastic on Toaster?
Use a dampen cloth; pour a little baking soda into the cloth. Rub into cloth to make a mild abrasive cloth with baking soda.

Repel Rain
Repel rain from windshield. Put gobs of baking soda on a dampened cloth and wipe windows inside and out.

Sunburn Relief
To relieve sunburn: use a paste of baking soda and water to apply to sunburned area.

Burnt Pan?
For a badly-burned pan with a thick layer of burned-on food: pour a thick layer of soda directly onto the bottom of the pan, then sprinkle on just enough water so as to moisten the soda. Leave the pot overnight, and then scrub it clean next day.

Kitty Litter Odor Removal
Baking Soda can absorb kitty litter odors. Cover the bottom of the kitty box with 1 part soda; then add a layer of 3 parts kitty litter on top.


Pick Up Broken Glass with a Piece of Bread Broken glass on the floor? Instead of using a vacuum, which can tear your vacuum bag and/or distribute shards fragments into the air, use a piece of bread coated with peanut butter. Using a piece of bread to sponge the area where the pieces shattered will pick up the smaller slivers of glass and the peanut butter will ensure no shards fall out when you throw the shard-filled bread away.

Remove Sticky Price Tags with Peanut Butter
Instead of using your fingernails to scrap off glued-on labels and stickers off it, you can use peanut butter. Massage a little dab onto and around the area that has the sticker residue and wipe off for a clean surface.


Clean Dirt Off Shoes!
If your already stomped your feet to remove dirt underneath your shoes, use to get them clean.

Keep them by the front door to clean mud, gum, or any other debris off the bottom of your shoes before you track it around your house.

Barbecue Skewers
If you don’t have or forgot to pick up bamboo skewers for your barbecue you can use unused chopsticks instead. Soak chopsticks in water for 15 minutes, and then use them to spear meat and veggies, before placing on the grill.

Prop up plants
Poke a chopstick into the soil near a spindly seedling to give it some needed support.

Stir paint
Hold chopsticks as you would when eating to “whisk up” paint or stain before applying it.

Toast marsh-mallows

Use the end of a chopstick to toast marshmallow. Be careful! Hold it over a low flame.

Clean Dirt in Hard-To-Reach Places
Use a chopstick to push a cleaning cloth into those hard-to reach places such as the top groove of a paint can, between air-conditioner vents, behind sink faucets, and in other narrow areas.

Unclog bottles
Free up buildup on tubes such as caulk or bottles of glue by poking the narrower end of a chopstick into the tip with the buildup.


No Shaving Cream? No Problem!
Use shampoo mixed with conditioner instead. It will also leave your skin softer.

No Bubble Bath Soap?
Use shampoo as a substitute.

Makeup Remover
Remove make up with shampoo and a soft cloth. Then rinse your face afterwards.

Need liquid soap?
Pour shampoo into your liquid soap dispensers. It’s less expensive than liquid soap and is also a great degreaser for your hands.

Spot Cleaner
Use it as a spot cleaner. It will remove stains. Spot clean rugs and carpets with a dab of shampoo and a clean rag. Rinse the areas clean with tap water and blot dry.

Spot clean the walls of your rooms by using shampoo and a clean, damp rag. Rinse clean and let the areas air dry.

Spot clean the outside of your refrigerator and stove. It will remove greasy spots, as well as dirt and other food spills too.

Clean Those Brushes!
We all know that shampoo is for cleaning hair so why not use it for cleaning out combs and hair brushes? Soak them first in a container with shampoo and water, and then scrub them completely clean.

To clean paint brushes, place a few drops of plain shampoo on your fingers. Then rub your fingers over the paint bristles; rinse clean.

Use on Squeaky Hinges.
Use shampoo and a conditioner mix to lubricate squeaky hinges.

Wash Your Car!
Do you have a dirty vehicle? Put a half cup of shampoo in a bucket of water. Then, add water. Dip a sponge in the bucket and wash the grime off your vehicle.

Mix shampoo with baking soda, and you can clean chrome on vehicles and make it shine. Rinse thoroughly before buffing it dry!

No Shower Gel?
Grab a fruity bottle of shampoo to shower with instead!

Clean And Soften Fingernails And Cuticles!
Fill a small bowl with shampoo and soak your fingernails and cuticles. Not only cleans, but softens.


No More Sharp Blades!
Cover the tips of pointy tools, such as awls and garden scissors, with packing peanuts to keep fingers safe from jabs when rummaging around in the toolbox.

Revive Flattened Bean Bags!
Unzip the cover of the bean bag and stuff in a few handfuls of packing peanuts to restore the chair.

Make It Fit!
To make a screw fit into a slightly-too-large hole, insert the screw into a packing peanut, drive it into the hole, then pull away the extra material. Foam bits that cling to the threads help to secure the screw.

Lighten up Big, Heavy Planters
Pour packing peanuts into a large flower pot and add soil to boost drainage and make it easier to move.


Get rid of rust
Crumple a piece of foil, and use it to rub rust spots off car bumpers and”¹ shower-curtain rods.

Make a funnel
Curl a section of foil into a cone shape, secure it with tape, and start pouring.

Sharpen scissors
Fold a sheet of foil several times and cut through it with a pair of dull scissors to sharpen the blades.

Radiate heat
Wrap a piece of plywood in foil and tuck it behind a radiator to reflect heat into the room.


Paint on!
Cut a hole in a lid large enough for a paintbrush handle. Slip the handle through the opening. You will be able to paint mess-free.

Use yogurt cups to hold small batches of color for touch-ups and other little projects.

Make an Ice-pop!
Fill a yogurt cup halfway with fruit juice, and cover with aluminum foil. Slit a hole in the foil, insert a Popsicle stick, and then freeze for a frosty treat.


Peel off Wallpaper
Using a sponge or spray bottle, saturate wallpaper with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Let stand for several minutes, and then start scraping. The paper should come off easily.

Remove Mineral Deposits from Shower heads
Pour ½ cup of warm vinegar into a resealable plastic bag. Drop in the shower head, making sure the holes are submerged, and seal the bag. Let sit for 1 hour. Rinse and wipe clean, then reattach.

Dissolve Rust
Soak old tools and corroded nuts and bolts in vinegar for a few days. Rinse them with water.


Removes Scuff Marks
Dab a little on the scuff marks, rub the area with a soft cloth, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Make Your Diamond Ring Shine
Take an old toothbrush and run it over your diamond ring to make it sparkle. Clean off any residue with a damp cloth.

Baby Bottle Deodorizer
If your baby’s bottles start to smell, you can use toothpaste to remove the odor. Just put a little bit on the bottle brush and start scrubbing. Be sure to rinse the bottle out well.

Hang Posters on the wall
Put a little dab in each corner of the poster and a few in between on the edges. Put your poster up and it will stick like magic. When you get ready to remove it will come off easy with no holes.

Air Freshener for Your Car
Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto the center of a paper towel. Roll or fold the towel up. Place under the seat. When the car is left in the warm sunshine it will heat up and the toothpaste will release a subtle mint smell into your car. Replace as needed.