DIY: Fourth of July Nail Art

Are you looking for a cool way to stand out during a Fourth of July celebration? Fashionable and celebratory patriotic fingernail art can be exactly what you’re searching for. In eight straight-forward steps, with easy to find materials, create one-of-a-kind Fourth of July, American Flag nail art.

Red nail polish
White nail polish
Blue nail polish
Nail art dotting tool
Striper nail polish brush
Nail Polish Remover
Paper Towel
Clear Top Coat

Step One:
Arrange all of your materials on a hard working surface in a well lit area.

Step Two:
Pour a few drops of nail polish remover into the nail polish cap, set the bottle of remover and cap close by but out of the way.

Step Three:
Apply one thin layer of white nail polish to your fingernails. Allow it to dry completely and follow it up with a second coat.

Step Four:
After the second coat has dried completely, use your blue nail polish to make a small square shape towards the left side of the base of each fingernail. The blue square should cover only half of the width and length of the nail. If you wish, add a second coat of blue for a more vibrant finished look and allow both coats to dry completely.

Step Five:
Dip your striper brush into your red nail polish and neatly make thin vertical lines throughout each nail, avoiding the blue square made in the previous step. Try to make the line spacing as uniform as possible, these lines will represent the stripes on the American flag. Allow the nail polish to dry completely.

Step Six:
Carefully dip the striper brush into the cap of nail polish remover prepared in step two. Wipe the brush off with a paper towel to remove the red polish from the brush, set your striper brush aside and put the cap back onto the nail polish remover bottle.

Step Seven:
Dip your dotting tool into the white nail polish to get a small amount of polish on the tool. Make a series of small dots on the blue square of the nail. Place the dots as evenly and uniformly as possible. These white dots will represent the stars on the American flag. Allow the white dots to dry completely.

Step Eight:
Apply one layer of a clear top coat to each fingernail; allow the clear top coat to dry completely to avoid any unwanted smearing and your patriotic Fourth of July, American flag nails are complete.