District of Columbia GED Test Guidelines and Requirements

Life can sometimes throw curveballs, which may derail certain expectations. If you were unable to complete your high school education in a traditional path, you may still be able to obtain your high school equivalency diploma by taking the GED examination. In the District of Columbia, you may take the GED examination at any of the official D.C. GED testing facilities, which are located throughout the district.

District of Columbia GED Test Eligibility:

In order to take the District of Columbia GED test you must be at least 18 years of age and not have a high school diploma. Those who are 16 and 17 years of age may still be eligible to take the GED examination; however, they must be able to provide the testing facility with documentation from their most recent high school stating they are officially withdrawn from the institution. Those who are under 18 must also provide the testing facility with a notarized letter from their legal guardian, court granting or government agency giving the test taker permission to take the District of Columbia GED examination.

Candidates for the District of Columbia GED examination must also provide the testing facility with proof of DC residency and proof of identification. If you have a District of Columbia driver’s license then this may act as both forms of documentation. Contact the testing facility nearest you to determine the exact documentation you need to bring if you do not have a DC driver’s license.

Registering for the District of Columbia GED Test:

To register for the DC GED examination you must fill out the GED Exam Registration Form, which is available online (see Sources section below). Once you have filled out this form, you must contact the testing facility closest to you to reserve your seat and pay the examination fee. The District of Columbia Public Schools offers a list of all testing centers and registration facilities within the district. As of 2011, the average GED testing fee in the District of Columbia is $50.00 for the full exam or $10.00 for each section.

Passing the District of Columbia GED Test:

To pass the District of Columbia GED examination you must make a minimum score of 410 on each of the five exam sections. The five core subject areas covered in this examination include Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Reading. Upon completing each of the sections you must have a minimum average score of 450 and a minimum total score of 2250.


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