Did You Know that 2/3 of the World Are Not Christian?

I went to a friend’s service this Sunday hoping to find inspiration. I sat through an hour worth of we are going to hell if we don’t have Christ in our life. That is just understandable if you are a Christian, but what if you aren’t a Christian. Did you know that 2/3 of the world are not Christian?

As you can see from this chart that I found at http://www.ecentrify.com/discuss/religion/images/pie_chart.gif.

The Christian religion has great teachings, but I don’t think it as important what religion you areas it is that you live by the teachings you know and understand the best you can. Mostly living with love, peace, and the willingness to help others instead of just yourself. I might be wrong. I won’t pass judgement on anyone for the difference in their ideas, and I ask that they don’t judge me. We are all doing our best. Christ asked us to treat others as we would want to be treated. He told us not to judge others or we would be judged. Whether or not you are Christian or not these are great lessons. This man was a beautiful person and obviously sent here to earth to teach us some great lessons due to the fact he had a heart of gold. He sat with sinners, prostetitutes, beggers, and spoke with them on religious views. He had compassion upon his fellow man.

If you look at the bible The old testiment is taken from Judaism’s Tanach, proving to myself if no one else that they should be able to co-exist despite the fact that Most who read the Tanach do not believe in Christ being the messiah. That is their right to do so. It may make you angry, but it is their belief, their ideals. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe Christ was much more than a teacher either. That is my view though. It doesn’t have to be your view and I don’t see any reason why it should offend anyone that I don’t believe the same things as they do. In the BBC Documentary “Did Christ Die?”, Christ’s exhistance was proven to be fact, however, most Christians wouldn’t like what was also revealed about Christ. They most likely would rather choose to ignore it as well, but why when the documentary provides evidence of his actual exhistance?

Well, the documentary did a little more than that…it also said that although Christ was born of Jewish descent and that he was hung on the cross that evidence points to the idea that he survived the cross due to the fact that healing herbs (not embalming herbs) were delivered to Christ’s tomb. It also states that despite his Jewish descent that he was taught Buddhism…now show me a bible thumper that is going to appreciate that thought…their might be a few, but not many.

Just as You wouldn’t want someone telling you how to think that your religious views are wrong with no proof other than some written texts by a whole bunch of people that are only human who say that they were instructed by God…not many others like the idea either. Joseph Smith claimed to be instructed by God and Christ to write the book of Mormon. How many people took him seriously and how many people ran him off and tried to kill him for his heresy against the Christian Church? Not only that but after a DNA test was done on the Indians to see which race they were more closely related to, it turned out that they came off of the Chinese instead of the Indians that he gave them credit for being from.

Religious books are great sources of information for the beliefs and religious ideals that we have, but I hate to admit that they are far from proof of anything. If it doesn’t hurt you, then why let it scare you? I can tell you, because people hate to be wrong, and if the other guy is right that means you might be wrong if you didn’t believe exactly the same, but what if both ideals hold a tiny portion of the truth, then neither are truly wrong but helping bring us closer to the truth. But what if they both hold a portion of innacurracy…that would also mean that neither side is completely correct either.

Christ pointed out some great points about the teachings of Moses and his own. Now I don’t think Christ and Moses would have gotten along as well as the bible made them out on the Mountain. As a matter of fact…if you compare notes of the writings and laws that Moses put forth and then laid them down beside those of Christ, despite the fact that Christ said he was not there to change any of the laws, rules and laws were changed. For instance, When asked why Moses allowed a letter of divorce to be given he told them “it was because man’s heart was hard.” I think this is partially true, but Christ also said it wasn’t the ultimate design, because both man and woman are suppose to be together. He also spoke of eunuchs. It is obvious if Intersexed/Hermaphrodites people have both sexes despite the fact that one of the two is non-functional that they would be considered one of two things, eunuchs or demons. Seeing how they were neither and aren’t really mentioned in the bible, I have to imagine that they were left out of the Tanach and the bible because people found them to be too different to recognise as human. I feel sorry for those who are born Intersex/Hermaphrodites. It isn’t their fault. This points out a very important part to my discussion though. The Intersexual/Hermaphrodite shows up through out history, but not in religious scripture…this is to keep the so called natural order of things running smoothly…men and women’s idea of the natural order of things that is. The Divine made them what they are, so why are they being punished? Because we are human maybe and afraid of what we can’t explain?

I find nothing wrong with learning about other people’s religions or ideals. They may seem crazy because we didn’t grow up listening or believing the exact same thing, but all religions I believe are good.

I find it interesting that only Christians and Muslims/Islams seem to be the only religion that go out of there way to recruit others. Yes, many pagans have their groups, synagogs, stores, but they don’t go out of their way by telling you that you will spend your afterlife in eternal misery if you don’t follow their idealism. Some Christians are starting to sway away from that practice as well, and I commend them for that. I’ve got several friends that accept me for who and what I am despite the fact that I am not a Christian. I teach a diversity of religious views…Christianity is one of those views, but my ideals and views revolve more around Buddhism, Tao, Wicca, and as someone recently pointed out to me a dash of Hindu…rflol. I think all views are good, as long as they aren’t being forceful towards others about their views. If they are interested then they will come…like in that movie “Field of Dreams”…where the ghostly whisper keeps saying “if you build it, they will come.” The more forceful you are with people, the more they will resist, because no one likes feeling pressured or forced into something. Sure they might come around the first few times, but I lay you nine to one odds they will be looking for an escape route before you can turn them towards your views and way of thinking.