Detoxify Your Body and Lose Weight Before Summer

Every year you tell yourself that you are going to maintain your exercise routine and watch your eating habits throughout the winter, so you don’t gain weight and every year you come out of winter unable to button your jeans. This winter was no exception. Well, don’t panic- there is still plenty of time to lose weight for summer, so put down that bag of chips and pull out a pair of last year’s summer shorts. Still fit? Well, only if you don’t breath or sit down. Spring is here and not only does your house need a spring cleaning, but your body too. So, let’s eliminate that winter funk that has gunked up your body and get in shape and lose weight for summer!

For starters, when we eat a bunch of things we are not supposed to (eg. processed foods, fast food, junk, etc), we literally “gunk up” our body systems, which practically eliminates our ability to lose weight. The first cleansing process you should do to detoxify your body is a liver/gallbladder cleanse. Your liver is a filter for your blood and your gallbladder holds the bile that your liver produces to filter your blood, so if you have gorged on not-so-healthy foods for several months, chances are your liver is feeling a little lazy and when it is not functioning properly, you have all sorts of ailments ranging from allergies and fatigue to depression and inability to lose weight. Yeah, it’s that important! There are many different liver cleanses you can find on the internet, but I was given one from a member of the Amish community. They do not believe in going to doctors for every little thing, so they have many natural cures for common ailments.

Amish Liver Cleanse for Weight Loss

The liver cleanse they recommend requires a small bottle of olive oil, 100% pure apple juice, or organic apple juice is better, and two lemons. Firstly, you must abstain from fatty foods for about two to three days prior to the cleanse. This will allow the bile to build up in the gallbladder, which will consequently flush out the presence of gallstones (and everyone has them.) On the evening of the third day, right before bed, mix the entire bottle of olive oil with about 12- 14 ounces of apple juice and drink this down. I know what you are thinking- a whole bottle of olive oil!?! Don’t panic- you can’t taste the olive oil, only the apple juice, so it will go down fairly easy. You’ll see. Now, after the olive oil and apple juice, squeeze the juice of the two lemons into about 12 ounces of warm water and drink it down (this one is a little harder, but definitely doable). After you have taken these two concotions, lie down in bed immediately on your right side. You will actually feel the gallstones loosening up and feel like marbles in your belly. Upon awaking the next morning, you will have to go to restroom a few times and to your amazement, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of gallstones in the toilet. I cannot even describe how rejuvenated you will feel in the days following the liver cleanse and this fuzzy feeling will last you about a year before you have to do another liver cleanse.

Rebounding for Weight Loss

Another system that most people don’t think about or optimize is the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system carries a clear fluid, lymph, throughout your body. You may be more familiar with the most well known part of the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes, which are responsible for fighting off infection and keeping the body healthy. Since the winter months give way to all sorts of bacterial and viral infections, your lymphatic system gets gunked up and has a hard time repairing itself because the only way to get the lymph fluid flowing, is through physical exercise and the best exercise for detoxifying the lymphatic system is rebounding. When you jump on one of those little trampolines that you can find in stores for about twenty bucks, it gets the lymph fluid flowing and helps flush out the lymphatic system. If you are staying sick cannot get well, or are suffering from tonsil stones, or cannot lose weight, detoxifying your lymphatic system might be all you need to cleanse your system and lose weight for summer. You only have to jump on the little trampoline for about ten minutes to reap the benefits of lymphatic flushing.

So, now that you have spring cleaned two of the most vital, but oftentimes overlooked, systems in your body, you will find that your winter weight gain will come off almost effortlessly. Of course this means you cannot gorge on fatty foods and you have to get up and move around a little, but you probably already knew that. You will be losing weight for summer and looking good in that bathing suit in no time!