Denise Richards and Other Celebrities Who Have Adopted Domestically

While her ex Charlie Sheen has spent his free time making a fool of himself, Denise Richards has been busy trying to give a baby a better life by preparing for the arrival of her newly-adopted American-born daughter Eloise Joni. And while celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie have made headlines for their adoptions of children from other countries, it seems that stars like Denise are starting a new trend toward adopting American-born babies. Here’s a look at a few other celebrities who have become the adoptive moms of U.S. children in need of families:

Sheryl Crow

In 2007 this woman who really rocks gave her fans quite a shock by becoming a single mom like Denise. She named her American-born son Wyatt Steven after her father, brother and manager (the latter two share her son’s middle name), and she was certainly eager to adopt her new child — she got started with the process right after she finished her cancer treatment in Spring 2006. Sheryl had plenty of help adjusting to being a new mom from celebrity friends like Laura Dern and Gabby Reece, who helped teach her how to raise baby Wyatt “organically and holistically.” Bringing Wyatt home also inspired Crow to take part in the World Food Program, which helps feed kids all over the planet (instead of accepting a fee for the first photos of her son, she even requested that OK Magazine make a donation to the organization in his name, ensuring that Wyatt becomes a humanitarian like his mom). At the time of his birth, Crow said, I love kids. I can definitely see myself adopting more kids. As soon as brought Wyatt home, I told my mom I wanted another.” And she wasn’t lying — she introduced Wyatt to his adopted brother in 2010, and Wyatt turned out to be an excellent older brother by helping to burp and bathe little Levi. He even helped changed diapers! (Looks like his mama is definitely doing something right.)

Nicole Kidman

Kidman has had kids in a variety of different ways — she and hubby Keith Urban recently welcomed little Faith via surrogate, and before that Nicole gave birth to Sunday Rose herself. However, the actress that has long battled with fertility problems and even suffered a miscarriage adopted two American-born children long before she started her new family with Urban. Back when she was married to actor Tom Cruise, the couple opted to adopt daughter Isabella in 1992 and son Connor in 1995 (both kids were born in Florida). Unfortunately, the kids don’t even call Kidman mom and have very little contact with her. So have Tom and Katie Holmes turned them against her, or are they stuck in the middle of their parents’ new families? After all, Cruise also now has little Suri to look after. Whatever the case, it’s kind of sad that the adopted kids weren’t enough for the divorced duo.

Diane Keaton

Keaton became one of Hollywood’s oldest single moms when she brought home her adopted her daughter Dexter just days before her 50th birthday. Despite previously desiring a “strong and substantive” relationship before having children, she said of becoming a single mother, “Motherhood was not an urge I couldn’t resist, it was more like a thought I’d been thinking for a very long time. So I plunged in.” However, she didn’t feel her family was complete until five years later in 2001 when her adopted son Duke was born in New York hotel room. People can attack her for adopting at an older age all they want, but they’d probably trade places with her kids in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

Mariska Hargitay

This “Law & Order: SVU” star and her hubby Peter Hermann welcomed baby girl Amaya Josephine to their family earlier this year, with the actress saying of her American-born bundle of joy, “We were considering both international and domestic adoption and we’re thrilled that this is the way our prayers were answered. We talked a lot about mixed-race adoptions, and we are very excited that we are now a multi-racial family. We’re just so happy she’s here.” Her biological son August was “over the moon” when Amaya came home. After all, he considered the adoption his idea and referred to his new little sis as “his baby” (too cute!).

Sandra Bullock

Bullock is another single adoptive mother who created a mixed-race family with the addition of New Orleans-born baby Louis last year. However, she didn’t plan on being a single mom — Bullock ended up bringing him home alone after starting the adoption process with her ex-husband Jesse James. Unfortunately his infidelity caused him to be ousted from a very healthy, happy and loving family, but Louis and Sandra seems to be doing just fine without him. Sandy took time during her Oscar acceptance speech to thank “The moms that take care of the babies and the children no matter where they come from,” and as seen here, there seems to be a growing number of these loving mothers.

Sharon Stone

Angelina isn’t the only femme fatale who has adopted multiple children. This “Basic Instinct” star apparently has major motherly instincts, because she’s adopted three times. Her first son Roan Joseph was born to a Texas teen in 2000, and Stone adopted him with her then-husband Joseph Bronstein. By 2005 Stone was a single mom, but that didn’t stop her from adopting her second son Laird Vonne, who was born via surrogate. The two were son joined by yet another lucky little boy named Quinn in 2006. It’s not surprising that the mother has opted to adopt after experiencing multiple miscarriages, and she’s encouraged other single moms to do the same. She’s also referred to adoption as “God’s other birth canal” (good thing she hasn’t practiced using birth control!).

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie isn’t just a strong advocate of adoption, but a strong advocate of the right for gay and lesbian couples to adopt. She and her partner have adopted three children domestically, starting with son Parker Jaren in 1997. He was followed by little sister Chelsea Belle in 1997 and brother Blake Christopher in 1999. Rosie has worked hard to help these little ones in need, so hopefully she can continue to help redefine the word “family” with her unconventional brood while inspiring others to go through the patience-trying process of adoption.

Calista Flockhart

This actress adopted domestically at the age of 36 in 2001, surprising some fans because she was single at the time. However, it’s probably a good Flockhart opted to adopt considering how thin her frame is, and being a single mom didn’t stop her from snagging actor Harrison Ford as a hunky hubby.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis was ahead of the adoption trend when she domestically adopted daughter Annie in 1986. The girl was joined by little brother Thomas Haden in 1996, around the same time Jamie penned the children’s storybook “Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born,” which has become a favorite bedtime tale with parents and their adopted children.

Nia Vardalos

In 2008 the writer and star of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” adopted a baby girl with her hubby Ian Gomez. Vardalos actually wrote a great piece about the ease of adopting her daughter through the American foster care system after trying multiple other avenues and feeling as though she’d exhausted all possibilities. The actress admits that she had a lot of misconceptions about the process, but she couldn’t believe her luck when she was matched up with a three-year-old little girl. Her happy ending inspired her to become the spokesperson for National Adoption Day, and she’s very protective of her daughter (she won’t even reveal her name!). Nia seems like a great mother, and she’s certainly inspired her daughter by telling her the story of her adoption already –the littlegirl is already planning on having four kids and adopting four more!

So which celebrity will be the next to domestically adopt? Well, Kristin Chenoweth (who was adopted herself) has said that she has been considering domestic adoption, so hopefully she’ll help keep the trend going!

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