Delaware GED Test Guidelines and Requirements

If you were unable to complete your high school education you may find it difficult to find a high paying job or attending a college or university. Even though you cannot obtain a high school diploma in a traditional manner, by passing the GED test you can obtain this diploma and move on to the next chapter in your academic or career life. In Delaware this nontraditional method of obtaining a high school equivalency diploma is overseen by the State of Delaware Department of Education.

Delaware GED Test Eligibility:

To qualify for the General Educational Development test you should be at least 16 years of age. Some testing facilities may require those who are under the age of 18 to provide a written permission slip from the parent or legal guardian. To determine the requirements for minor test takers contact the testing facility nearest you.

Test takers for the Delaware GED test must also not be currently enrolled in school. The Delaware Department of Education states that test takers must be officially withdrawn from school. You may be required to provide official school records showing you are officially withdrawn from school.

Registering for the Delaware GED Test:

To register for the Delaware GED you must visit the testing location you intend to test at. The Delaware Department of Education offers a county-by-county list of official Delaware GED Testing Centers. You must take the GED in-person as the Delaware Department of Education does not authorize online examinations.

Visit a GED registration center to fill out the exam application. Make sure that when you visit the registration center you bring a government-issued photo identification card to prove your identity as well as the GED exam fee; however, if you are under 21 years of age or are a veteran then you do not have to pay a GED exam fee.

The exact fee for the Delaware GED test may vary from facility-to-facility; however, the average cost to take the Delaware GED exam is $75.00. You may also perform a practice GED examination, which costs around $35.00 to take.

Passing the Delaware GED Test:

To pass the Delaware GED examination you must score a minimum of 410 on each of the five sections and have an average score of 450 for each of the five sections. Thus, in order for you to receive your GED diploma you must have a minimum total score of 2250 on the examination.


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