Delaney as a Baby Girl’s Name: Is it Right for My Child?

The original English meaning of the name Delaney: Of the alder grove.
The Gaelic meaning of Delaney: A child of dark defiance.

Gender: Delaney can be used for either gender, but is becoming increasingly popular for baby girls.

With a meaning like, “a child of dark defiance,” if you are superstitious, I would steer clear of this name, or you will have your hands full. This name is beautiful, and carries a distinguished Irish sound to it. More commonly used as a last name, Delaney sounds accomplished and proud, without sounding overly masculine. This may be a good name choice for a baby girl for parents who like gender neutral names, without choosing a more common name such as, Jayden or Taylor. It may not be fun for your child to have the same name as boys in her class. So, choosing a gender neutral name that is less popular will decrease the chances of this.

Alternate Spellings for Delaney:
Delanie, Delanee, Dalayne, Delayne, Delaynie, Delaynee, Dalaney, Delainey, Delainee

Nicknames for Delaney:
Laney, Laneybug, Del, De, Della, Lanes

Famous people with the name Delaney:
Dana Delaney from “Desperate Housewives.”

Middle Name Ideas:
* Names with 3-syllables or more sound most lovely with a one syllable middle name, otherwise, the name becomes too heavy and long.*

After polling some friends in person and talking to some online Mom groups on, I found that the feelings on the name were quite mixed; some loved the name, while others disliked it. I named my daughter Delaney, despite the mixed feelings. In fact, I welcomed the hatred for the name, because I wanted my daughter to have a name that would remain off the top 200 list, and undoubtedly off the top 10.
Here are some opinions:

“No way, I know people with the last name…”

“It’s lovely and sounds very Irish and strong.”

“Too masculine for a little girl, I know guys with that last name.”

“Delaney is cute if you call her Laney.”

“The nicknames are cuter than the name.”

“Adorable and different.”

Although there are certainly mixed reviews on the name, it does seem to be a strong name. Last names turned into first names carry the weight of history, and sound distinguished and accomplished. If you like gender neutral names and want a name that will remain uncommon, Delaney is a great choice!

If you are not yet hooked on the name, listen to the song, “Delaney Talks to Statues,” by Jimmy Buffet, about a little girl and her father…you will be sold.

Don’t everyone use it though…..please!


What are your thoughts on the name Delaney?