Death, Crime, Lies. And Pain

“Donnie I know your house is beautiful and you want me to be with you all the time, but I just can’t sell this home I grew up in it and that’s where I’m staying,” Betsy hangs up the phone and begins crying. Then she looks up to the sky ” Dear Lord what should I do my husbands wants me to be with him and move into his mansion and sell my grandparents house that I grew up in please help me decide.” Betsy walks to her room and gets in her bed and went to sleep.

Meanwhile in Donnie’s Mansion
” Gregory what should I do about old Betsy,”Donnie says to his butler Gregory. ” Well sir if she doesn’t want to leave then maybe you should somehow get her to leave the house,” Gregory replies. Donnie thinks for a while about what Gregory said then a light bulb flashes in his head.” Gregory I have an idea you are going to go the Betsy home get her to leave tell her I want her then burn down the house,” Donnie says excitedly. ” You idiot that is the dumbest idea you could of possibly have come up with I could go to jail you selfish old man,” Gregory says angrily. Donnie stand up and slaps Gregory across the face making Gregory steps back shocked that his employer hit him. Gregory forgets that their were stairs right there and falls down the stairs. Donnie just stands looking at Gregory laying at the bottom of the stair lifelessly still angry about Gregory calling him an idiot. It takes Donnie seven minutes for him to go to the phone and call 911, but when he comes back Gregory is gone.

“I’ll show that old man to slap me across the face I’m going to kill his beloved wife,” Gregory says in his car speeding down the highway to Betsy home. When he gets there he takes the gasoline out his car and pour it all over the outside of the house then lites a match and runs to his car and drives of. What Gregory doesn’t know is Betsy isn’t there.

15 minutes earlier Betsy woke up from a nightmare and saw a mysterious figure pouring some liquid around her house to scared to confront them and knows that the police are to0 far they might not get there in time so she goes to the secret basement that has a passage that leads to the outhouse and from there she going to get help. She tiptoes to the stairs leading to the basement . Then she goes into the basement and looks around for her grandfather’s toolbox. She finds the toolbox opens it and gets out the flashlight and turns it on. She uses the flashlight to help her navigate her way down the passage.until she reaches the stairs that lead up to the outhouse. She goes up the stairs walks out of the outhouse and sees the field and the house ablaze. She run towards the nearest street and runs out into the middle of a road and a car hits her throwing her 50 feet. The car stops and a man get outs he picks her up and puts her in his backseat. He takes her to his home and puts her in his bed. When she wakes up she doesn’t remember who she is and he tells her he is his wife and that they are going to take a trip to California. She agrees and they drive from west Virginia to California and continue their lives there. She never learns what actually happened. They have kids and live happily ever after.

Donnie gets news that Betsy’s house was burned and no body was recovered and Donnie commits suicide.
Gregory confesses to the crime and gets 20 years to life. The end.