Day Trips from Seattle, Washington

There are some great things that you can do and see when you travel around the country and one great place to spend the day is Seattle, Washington. If you live in Washington odds are you’ve seen nearly everything there is to see in Seattle so here are some fun ideas for day trips in and around the Seattle, Washington area.

1. Seattle Boeing Factory Tour- This is a great option for those that have children that are age 10 and up. Though the factory does their best to insure the safety of their tours, a large factory with such loud and potentially frightening equipment may not be the best for the smaller children. The tour starts with a driver picking you up at a predetermined location on the Boeing tour bus. Once the bus arrives at the factory you are guided through by representatives of the factory. Through the entire tour you are allowed to ask questions and find out whatever it is that you want to know about aviation. The tour costs around $50 a person.

2. Mount Rainier Day Tour- This trip takes you out of the bustling city and up into the Mount Rainier national park. You start your tour with a visit to the visitors’ center before you begin your climb up the 14,000 ft. mountain. The tour ends at the Paradise Visitors’ center where you can take in Seattle from above. There are shuttle rides from many of the key tourist attractions like the Space Needle to make it easy to go on this trip. The cost of this tour is
around $85 for adults and a little less for children but again this is not the best tour for small children.

3. Seattle Duck Tour- Now I know what you are thinking and this tour has nothing to do with ducks. The duck in this tour name comes from the World War II amphibious vehicle that the tour is conducted from. You can ride around the city with ease on this tour and see it from both land and water. The tour takes you to all the great tourist attractions in high style. The tour costs around $30 a person and is great for children of all ages.

4. Tillicum Village- This day trip is done in the style of the Northwest Indian tribes. The tour starts with a cruise to the village followed by a day of exploring all that the village has to offer. With authentic decorations, meals, and activities you can spend the day immersed in a culture that practically made the west. The day includes a look into the lives of Northwest Coast Indians and is great for the entire family young and old. The price is around $80 for adults.

5. Whale Watching from Friday Harbor- Though this is the last rip mentioned it is certainly not the least fun. This trip is great for all ages. The trip starts with a ferry ride then a boat ride out to Friday Harbor. You can hope to see some of the best Killer Whale sightings in the country from this vantage point. The tour lasts from about 3.5 hours to 4 hours and during that time whale sightings may vary. The cost is around $80 per person.

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