Dalai Lama Suggests Osama’s Death was Justified, Wishes to See Bin Laden’s Heart in a Jar

The Dalai Lama has decided to stay in the U.S. an extra day to take a trip to see Osama bin Laden’s heart in a jar. His Holiness will be traveling to Crawford, Texas early Thursday morning to see America’s keepsake leftover from the death of bin Laden. Osama’s heart was presented to president Obama by the elite Navy SEALs who stormed the terrorist leader’s Pakistan compound. Obama, in a gracious gesture, gifted bin Laden’s heart to former president George W. Bush. (read that here)

Tuesday night the Dalai Lama spoke at USC and hinted that Osama bin Laden’s death was justified. “Forgiveness doesn’t mean forget what happened. — If something is serious and it is necessary to take counter-measures, you have to take counter-measures.” His Holiness has been heavily criticized on the Internet for vaguely condoning the death of bin Laden. Others, such as Alex Pareene from Salon believes the Dalai Lama’s words don’t justify the U.S.’s killing of Osama. (read that here)

The 14th Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, sat in lotus posture while speaking to the crowd of 3000 at USC. He wore his customary maroon garb, but added an official USC baseball cap. In front of his chair rested a pair of large shoes. “He looked like a clown,” a carbuncular USC dental student said after His Holiness’ talk. “The hat looked goofy on him, like it was too small for his head.” When pressed further, the student said, “Maybe religious people shouldn’t wear baseball caps.”

The 75-year-old leader was supposed to be in California for four days, but fell ill while in Japan, cutting his stay in the United States to two days. Nobody knows for certain if president Obama extended the invitation to the Dalai Lama to view Osama’s heart, which floats in a jar in the Crawford, Texas home of former president Bush, but His Holiness has officially decided to stay in the States for an extra day to see America’s favorite memento leftover from the death of Osama bin Laden.

Bush seemed rather indifferent to the Dalai Lama’s request to see Osama’s heart. “They [the Obama administration] told me the Lama wanted to visit, I said yes. He wants to see the heart.” Bush paused and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t want a bunch of people coming to see this mass murderer’s heart, I mean, we’ll take pictures and put them online, but we can’t host tourists in our home for obvious security reasons. But for the Dalai Lama, well, I figured he was special.”

George Bush was invited by Obama to an observance at Ground Zero on Thursday, but he declined the president’s request. Read George W Bush Declines Obama’s Invitation to Ground Zero After Receiving Bin Laden’s Heart in a Jar at Texas Ceremony here

“I hope the Lama isn’t squeamish,” Bush later told reporters Wednesday night, “because a heart in a jar, even if it is bin Laden’s heart, isn’t something for light stomachs. I grew up in Texas, I, me and Laura, we can handle it. I mean, we’re used to eating meat. We prepare meat all the time. So looking at a heart isn’t a big deal in Texas, but it’s right next to the fetus. I hope the Dalai doesn’t mind the fetus.” (read about the Bush family fetus in a jar here)

On Wednesday, the Dalai Lama was scheduled to speak at UC Irvine and accept an award from Amnesty International in Long Beach before leaving California.