“You are so creative!” Whether we write, carve wood, draw, paint, or design, we love hearing that. It serves not only to stroke our ego, but allows us to know that our efforts bring pleasure to others. It serves as a measure of accomplishment. Even one of the catagories which we use to publish our works is called “creative writing”. But, are we truly “creative”? Regardless of our chosen medium, our talent more truthfully, lies in reforming existing creations into new patterns.

These thoughts came to mind this morning, as I watched a bird fly overhead. I thought; “LORD, how creative You were in designing birds so they can fly!”. I immediately heard in reply; “What do you think about the air in which they fly?”. The realization that I take for granted so much of God’s creativity, stunned me in sudden awe and wonder.

I thought of John Lennon singing “Imagine…. above us only sky”. ONLY sky?! Without that sky, we wouldn’t breathe, birds couldn’t fly, the sun’s radiation would have no filter,…! This man who many consider one of the most “creative” song writers ever, could only imagine – using existing realities as his muse and existing words as his medium.

That led me to consider; “LORD, whatever made You think of the things which You created?. You started with nothing – a complete blank… I was going to say “slate”, but it didn’t exist either! – just a complete blank!” Whoa! You get thinking on that and your head is ready to explode! “Nothing” is unimaginable. Everything we consider is comprised of, or dependent upon something. Take for example the fact that our “sky” is composed of breathable air. We breathe it and it sustains life. We exhale and deadly carbon dioxide is emitted – which plants breathe and convert into oxygen. Three perfectly created objects existing in symbiosis. Then, you start to factor in the plant’s need for water, the water’s evaporation into the air, the air’s return of the water to earth….! God knit these things together in perfect harmony and all I saw at first was the bird. Suddenly, my “creativity” wasn’t so creative.

These same thought patterns should form when we regard with awe; a fish swimming in water, a deer eating clover, our blood smeared upon our skin after squishing the mosquito whose proboscis can probe between cells (In my humble opinion, God could have been less creative in this case)… The list goes on and on, yet doesn’t begin to touch what we have to look forward to in Eternity! True creativity is not a matter of coincidence and couldn’t evolve or exist in chaos. God Alone, places what’s needed, where, how and when it is needed.

I’m far from being the first to have these thoughts. Spending night after night tending sheep in the fields, left David with a sense of awe which he expressed in numerous psalms. His psalms are regarded with great respect for their insights and clever wording – rigthfully so. But, each of David’s creative comments on Creation are credited by him, to the Creator.

None of this is meant to deter us from using our God given talents. Quite the opposite! God has blessed us with these gifts, in order to draw us closer into a relationship with Him. In the same way a sculptor examines a piece of wood or stone, we are to examine God’s wonders and present them to others. I believe it was Michaelangelo who said that he didn’t carve the figure, he carved away the rest of the stone in order to reveal what was hidden within. Likewise God opens our eyes and minds to His Creation in different ways. Then, He blesses us with different means and ways of opening their eyes to His wonders as well.

Granted, some will still attempt to take credit for themselves. But, it has wisely been said that “a self made man has a poor creator”. Therefore, let’s continue “creatively sharing” those things to which God opens our eyes, hearts and minds – and let us give Him the honor and glory, as well as a heart felt “thanks for the privilege”!