Create an Elegant Spring Flower Garden in a Communion Cup

Recently the church where my family attends had a ladies day. We had a fantastic speaker and many visitors to our home congregation. It took the work of many people for the day to be a success. As a group we created decorations, floral arrangements, and take homes. We chose to decorate the annex, where our afternoon meal was served, and the church building with a spring motif.

The building looked like a spring garden. We wanted this spring feeling to be something that the ladies who attended could take home with them. Whatever the item was, it had to be something we could afford. With an expected attendance of around 200 women, we had to find an elegant yet cost effective gift. That is why I created a beautiful flower garden in a communion cup using, ribbon, ribbon flowers and recycled communion cups. For a little over $50 we had enough materials to make 200 spring themed flower pots.

Flower Garden in a Cup


Communion cups
1.5-inch wired ribbon
Small silk or ribbon flowers on wire
Tulle accents on wire
Hot glue
Glue gun
Small butterfly and dragonfly gem buttons with two horizontal holes (optional)
Floral wire (optional)
Floral tape (optional)

Cut 1.5-inch ribbon into 6-inch sections. Choose a color that is bold and matches any other decorations that you may use with the flower pots. The ribbon will be the most visual aspect of the flower pots, so make sure you love the color.

Select two small flowers, or a flower and tulle spray for your flower pot. Wrap the flower wire and tulle spray wire around each other. Fold the wires in half and wrap the wires again. This way the flower stems are connected and are about half the length they started at. Tip: Look in the bridal section of your favorite craft store for a wide variety of these dainty flowers.

Carefully wrap the 1.5-inch wired ribbon around the small flowers. Wrap the ribbon loosely. I found that if I made a small loop like I was making a bow, the ribbon folded nicely inside the cup.

Place a dab of hot glue in the bottom of a communion cup.

Carefully set the ribbon wrapped flowers into the cup. Make sure that at least a small portion of the ribbon rests in the glue.

Add a few drops of hot glue to the center of the flower. Make sure that the glue touches both the center flowers and the ribbon. This will keep the flower from falling out of the communion cup.

Flower Pot with Insect Gems

Add small gem button butterflies or dragonflies to give the communion cup flower garden even more color. Purchase gem buttons that have at least two thread holes.

Cut a two-inch section of floral wire. Thread the wire through one of the gem bead holes, making a small loop. This loop should secure the bead on one side.

Insert the wire through the other gem button hole. Make sure that the wire is threaded from the underside.

Carefully loop the wire around itself so that the wire is securely attached to the bead.

Wrap the floral wire around the wires on the ribbon flowers and tulle.

If desired wrap the stems in green floral tape before wrapping it with ribbon and gluing it into place.