Works by J.J.

The other day I was waiting to catch the San Diego trolley when I noticed a guy in a wheelchair reading a Bible.

Naturally I, having the gift of prophecy – given to comfort, strengthen and encourage the church with words of wisdom and understanding, went over to him to open a discussion in the Bible.

Learning that he goes to the Horizon Church, I asked him if he believes in modern day prophets; knowing that his particular church doesn’t teach of modern day prophets, I suspected he would answer in the negative, and sure enough he said no.

You see, some churches reject any teaching from anyone who claims to be a prophet because of their mis-understanding of I Cor. 13 that says… “where there is prophecy it shall cease, where there are tongues it shall pass away, for when perfection comes the imperfect shall be done away with…”

And these churches, along with others who teach the same, believe that which is perfect yet to come, has already come as the Canonized Bible. Hence all we need is the bible to find God in Jesus.

Yes, all we need is the bible, but no church uses just the bible. They use their mis-interpretation of the bible to make rules that bind you to their blindness of teaching. This falseness of dogma blinds these believers from seeing chapter 14 of I Corinthians where it clearly states: “Prophecy is for believers.” and also, “Let the prophets speak, two or three and let the others weight carefully what is said.”

Excuse me, did I miss something? Was Paul referring to prophets or prophecy? Why would anyone think that Paul interjected about prophets IN THE MIDDLE of a lesson on prophesy, unless prophets are the ones doing the prophesying? (see- I Cor. 14:24, 29-31)

Is the gift of prophecy expressed by prophets or not? It is, but because his church rejects modern day prophets, this guy could not accept the bibles teaching that it is the prophets that prophesy.

And because he was holding to the blind teaching of his church, he was unable to accept the teaching obvious in the bible that the prophets are given to share the understanding of.

And what did he do? He claimed the verse that warns of indulging in foolish arguments, and fled in his wheelchair.

My friends, this was not an argument but an attempt at reason, to have him see the words for face value rather than reject them in favor of his church’s teaching. Crazy! Wouldn’t you say?

I’m reminded of an article I read in a scientific magazine that said, the odds of changing anyone’s said belief, even if you could prove them wrong, is 9 to 1 against you!

Listen, when you come to the Bible to read and try to understand, you must come without any preconceived ideas of what you have been told it means, so that you may be open to the Holy Spirits acknowledgment and be more inclined to walk in the Way. The Holy Spirit is not going to force you to change your way of thinking, in fact in the book of Isaiah vs. 1:18 God talking through Isaiah says, Come now, let us reason together…”

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Fanatic’? it means: having no reason for your belief. Jesus says: “Be prepared in every season to give a reason for your hope.”

What reason do you have? Do you even know that your hope in Jesus is founded/established in the Word and the Love of God; but many of you have generated your hope in Jesus because you want to believe, (by blind faith), the Word of God as you read him in the Bible.

But what if you had hope in Jesus because you have “discerned” the “understanding” of the Word that is God and with God, and because you have “seen” this compounded knowledge of Gods, our Father’s love has reached its established measure of experience. Has it? That’s up to you and your ability to repent correctly. But this I say, “it has been my experience that the steps of my personal repentance has revealed God, my Father’s Love-Agape, in noticed revelations until the knowledge of the Word became focused in my maturity and beyond as I walk in the WAY, with joy. You see, when I find, acknowledge, (in the Holy Spirit), submit to, become transformed by the renewing of my mind; I prove the truth.

The knowledge of God’s Righteousness is through and through and becoming one with God the Word our heavenly spiritual Father is wondrously revealed by and thru God the Word the Son in the flesh Jesus.

Blessed be his name who loved us so totally with Agape Love before time, during and beyond. For eternity. And we can know it! Firsthand from Jesus, the first fruit of the life he has made possible for us.

With him in this soon eternity, we, as adopted sons and daughters will know our full measure of the part we know now.

This wonderful reality doesn’t exist outside of the Church-body and to be prepared for the marriage that fulfills my chosen and desired Way, I had to grow-up into my born-again spirit.

Are you feeling the spirit of agape love? Right now?

Wouldn’t you want to know the confidence, the assurance, the joy, the agape love and the discernment of the Way of true brotherhood to all who share the spirit of God’s Holy Spirit?

Yes, you must have the Holy Spirit in you to “acknowledge” the agape love. But you must continue to know it in truth before you can walk in the Way of God’s love and truth.

You know of it in “increasing measure” until you reach consciousness of it all in and around you.

But now with a new burden to carry – your life’s works and confessed weaknesses expressed in your frustrations at being un-gifted in one or more of God’s gifts that would serve the church-body, and others that would benefit in the hope that they would come to desire to know our heavenly Father and brother.

We want you to know Gods born-again spirit; if you know it or if you don’t: the Way you come to know it, thru repentance, is needed for you to continue with, until you are enabled to continue in it. Having true knowledge of God’s Righteousness, and being faithfully grounded.

Knowing and living in the joy of love and truth. Knowing all men even as Jesus knew all men. Confident, assured, joyous, sad over the blind, loving, hopeful, believing, discerning.

This really is attainable. You don’t have to be a monk. Life in abundance is offered and can be realized. Your choice.

In Him,