Could ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Get an Emmy?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that whatever her political future, Sarah Palin may potentially get an Emmy for her reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which aired last year on The Learning Channel.

TLC has entered “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” in four categories: cinematography, picture editing, music composition and best reality program.

Just from an artistic quality standard, the show does deserve at least a nomination in these categories. From a Hollywood political standard, one cannot imagine any possibility that Palin’s reality series would win anything. If there is one place where she is hated more than the newsrooms of America’s lamestream media, it is Hollywood.

Of course, the hatred is not universal. Recently Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, not exactly in Palin’s political camp, did stick up for her during the email kerfuffle. One suspects there a few in Hollywood who secretly like the Lady from Wasilla but, adhering to the politics that dare not speak its name in Tinseltown, remains pretty much silent about that fact.

One can just imagine the pandemonium that would ensue at the Emmy Awards ceremony this fall if Palin were to actually win Best Reality Show. It would be as if righty film director John Milius had won something for one of his movies. The rioting inside the hall would liven up an otherwise dull evening as the Mama Grizzly comes up to the stage to accept her award.

Just nominating Palin might actually be a good PR move. It would not only contradict the truism that Hollywood hates conservatives, but would create a lot of buzz and then ratings as people tune in to wonder will she or won’t she win and what happens then.

What would Palin say to the audience if she were to get her statuette? The Emmys do not allot a whole lot of time for making political speeches, so using it as a platform for an address on the culture wars should be out. But it would not be like Palin, the mistress of the unexpected, to just give the litany of thank yous or the gush, as Sally Field did one year as the Oscars, how surprised she is that they “like her.”

Maybe Palin could announce for president, right there on the Hollywood stage, to a television audience of about a billion people? That would be rather choice, especially if she were to actually ask the assembled Hollywood folks for their votes with a straight face.

That happening, they will be talking about that for decades.

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