Controversial Politics and Business Leaders Who Disgrace America Because of the Birther’s Mind Games

It does not matter how wealthy you are, how much power you have, or what political party or religion you believe in because this is a democracy in United States of America. However, some in government and business are promoting racism which is a disgrace to all Americans. Recently, some news “authories” were reporting that Trump and others demanded that our President of the United States produce ” his papers” and were making racist remarks such as,”Obama must show his papers;birth certificate and academic records. These demands and comments undetermine our consitution, civil liberties, the purpose of our votes. Furthermore, supposedly newscasters are alleging that Trump’s so side kick, “Tom, the Pit Bull Enforcer Michael Cohen has been quoted seemingly referring to have said, I do what Donald Trump wants and when I have to stop someone from interfering with him I grab them by the neck and don’t let go until I am finished. ” Are you kidding? Where is ACLU?

This author finds these racist remarks as dishonoring every American and their ancestors throughout the world. Everyone has their own opinion about who said and did what regarding gaining publicity for their business or political gains. Honestly who would vote for , buy their products, or give them any undue attention if all they can do is banter ridiclous accusations, make ignorant requests, and show their hidden agendas. This recent bigotry and arrogance of lack of obeying our civil laws has nothing to do with honest business nor politics. Why is it neccessary for anyone to use scare tatics and racial slurs to get attention from the news media to make a profit or run for president? It would be so immature for anyone to make racial, political or business slurs at anyone else as it is unAmerican and is equal to spitting on all of our ancestors graves .

Have we forgotten all races, ethnic, and cultural groups have fought for freedom as immigrants so we would have free speech, equal rights, and an honor. This obnoxious ploy to gain in the polls for politics or television shows is senseless cand spits on the graves of all of our ancestors who were forced here, born here or immigrated to America by choice for equality. Our birthright gives us the power of the vote the birthers are abusing their birthrights ignoring that they are seen as misfits and bullies.

My journey in deciding who to vote for begins and ends with respect for others until they dihonor America. I am highly offended that some appear to put their demeaning natures above our constitution and bill of rights. There is nothing honorable about hidden racism that is now coming to the forefront in the news. When I begin to consider all political candidates, which is usually one year prior to election, I first look at their bio’s, voting records or business ventures to determine their level of integrity, respectability and self control. Next ,I use the process of elimination to determine my yea or nay vote by how they handle controversy and conflict with respect and intelligence. Then, I check all their information for validity that I can about what state their are from , how they have helped the people of that state, and what motivates their candidacy.

Additionally, I check to see if political candidates are backed by publicity mongers, allegedly bullies, bigots and racists who degrading other’s to gain power of money instead of integrity and mmediately eliminate all negative people from my yeah vote. I do not party vote rather I vote for the candidate and what they can improve in the lives of all by respecting all Americans equally with fairness and consistancy of their voting records or business ventures. Currently, the news has been filled with derogatory demands and comments about our current President, Barrack H. Obama. I totally disagree that anyone has the right to “ask for papers’ or degrade the current President Obama or anyone else who is our President. It appears to me that if a business or political person is not able to even maintain their own diginity they certainly do not have the eloquence and stamina of heart and mind to be the leader of our country.

My opinion is that President Obama is doing the best he can for America due to the opposition playing dirty politics. We all know it is easy to find fault and nitpick at negatives but it takes a true voter to find the positives. Why would any of us vote for negativity in any candidate? It is time that those who voted for Pres. Obama stand up and stop all the bully’s that he and his family have to unfortunately face day in and day out. This disgraceful treatment that Pres. Obama has received from his opponents is uncalled for and is just an ignorant underhanded way to seek publicity.Some Birthers are respectful but many are disgusting because they use the old racial tactics of asking people of color for “their papers”. This ploy is to dishonor respectful citizens just like old time racists used the “brown bag tests or the “one drop rule”. People who display this behavior have no common sense and are only out to get their “3 minutes” of fame because they want to bring back the racists class system pecking order to destroy our democracy.

. This is so hurtful for me and my family as well as thousands of other Americans. None of this hatred will stop until voters stop backing bigots, low lifers, and phonies who treat others like dirt to raise themselves up in a false status.This author wants a healthy, educated, imformative, and respectful President regardless of business, party, race, religion or politics. It is important that all candidates have knowledge of how to handle conflict and crisis as they must be able to negioate and arbitrate during difficult times for all Americans. All bigots, bully’s, and power monger’s should loose their right to vote until they grow up and mature enough to be fair minded. Freedom of Speech as an American right has been drug into the gutter senselessly. Our differences in business, political and religious vews are important but must be kept ‘above the belt” instead of daggers to our hearts and souls.

Where are the priorities for Americans instead of selfish hidden agendas of self promotional nonsense. Painfully, I recall the disgraceful mistreatment of my Mother, Brother, and Grandmother in the 1950’s when the police or anyone could ask them for “their papers”. I recall my Mother, brother, and grandmother being made to enter by back door only and being refuses service, why? We are going backwards in America rather than forward because hidden racism is coming to the forefront. Did everyone forget all the lives that have been lost in this country because of racist attitudes, bullies, bigots, negative political and business elites? Why are any Americans especially voters allowing anyone to determine anything by skin color ? The majority in America is now mixed race families not one race over powering another.

Please help stop these negative hate crimes of gay bashing, racial and cultural slures, and business and politics “pitbulls”. We all have to review our Constitution, search our minds, hearts and souls because if we do nothing hatred will our America. I pray that Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Mother Theresa, and Dr. Martin Luther King will send their grace to all of us and save us from these acts of deadly selfishness.This is still the United States of American- Land of the Free is it not!! Who in America will stand up for this great land and democratic freedoms that our ancestors died on? Who is honoring our Native American citizens that were disgraced with forced removal and to this day have not been shown the respect that they earned over and over fighting for this great country to be free. Why do we give all of our resources, money, time, and prayer to free other’s from abusive power, racism, and freedom but will not challenge birther’s and bullies in our own homeland?