Congressman Anthony Weiner, Twitter, Chubbies and “Weinergate.”

By now, unless one is totally incommunicado, Weinergate is in the news. What is Weinergate? Besides a fun term to use, it’s the “tweeted” photo of someone in gray BVD’s, who snapped a picture of their “chubbie” restrained by a thin layer of cotton. Allegedly said “chubbie” photo was tweeted to a follower of Congressman Weiner…a very attractive and large breasted young black woman.

Congressman Weiner refused to answer any questions to media using the tactic that to even dare to answer any such salacious inquires was tantamount to lending credence to allegations. Weiner tried to play the “I’m above it all” card. He failed monumentally.

Later Weiner asked “What’s the big deal? Its not a Federal case.” (paraphrased) au contraire Congressman! Weiner intimated that although the tweeted chubbie pic did come from his twitter account, he didn’t do it. Therefore hacking is the only other option, no? Well, when the public airwaves are used and fraud is committed, it is indeed a Federal crime for sure and for certain. Of course if Weiner sent the picture of his weiner himself, then no crime as far as I can tell.

But here’s where we get to the meat; the “burr” under old Whiplash’s saddle as it were….

I don’t care what he tweets and to whom. Frankly I don’t think the photo is pornographic at all and I have seen it, so no biggie, no pun intended. But the rub is both his denials, his act as if he’s above it all, and the hypocrisy that will result if, if, if it is found there was no hacking and that he did indeed send the photo to the girl, and that is what I want to discuss.

It seems Democrats can commit any act of moral turpitude and it’s okay. Recall Lewinsky. Now compare Lewinsky and Democrat support for Clinton and the words of Democrats supporting him…it was no big deal…nobody’s business and all that rot. Now recall the former Republican Congressman from Florida, Mark Foley.

Foley was a gay man in the closet…a REPUBLICAN mind you. He was drummed out of Congress for sending emails to House pages…sending emails mind you. No naked pics… just a 40ish gay man talking trash to other men, young they may be. And for it he was raked over the coals. Or Senator Larry Craig, Republican who toe tapped in a Minnesota bathroom. Craig is in my opinion a closeted gay man. Personally I don’t care one way or another, but recall the abuse heaped upon him.

It is the hypocrisy I so hate. As I said, Weiner’s deed isn’t illegal, so I don’t care, but then Mark Foley’s act wasn’t either, but as lefties have taken to saying when they don’t have the proof, “it’s the seriousness of the allegation that matters.” Allow me to go on the record here…if it is found that Weiner’s account was not hacked, therefore he sent the tweeted photo, why do I feel from the left will come the refrain “this is a private matter that does not impact his ability to serve the fine people from the great state of New York” or some other such lame ass excuse? WHY?
Oh, that’s right….I forgot….it’s because Republican’s are supposed to be moral. And since lefties play no pretense to possessing morals, they do not have to act morally at all. Nice work if ya can get it. It’s pure, unmitigated bullshit of the highest order. For anyone who ever wondered why I am such a prick, now one knows why!

I hate hypocrites. I mean I hate them. I could honestly do them serious and lasting harm I hate them so. Unlike them, I make no pretense to anything except wanting to be treated fairly. Good for the goose, good for the gander and all that. Fair is fair. For lefties to play it that since conservatives have and espouse morals, they must be perfect, yet since lefties make no pretense to morals they can do whatever suits them, that is pure BS!

Moral right and wrong are not applicable based on one’s political ideology. Social mores may alter by society, but in this nation we all have some basic linkage to acceptable morals.

So, anyone want to take bets that IF it is proven Weiner sent the photo, the left will tell us it’s not a public matter? But Mark Foley’s sure were a matter of public concern. And Larry Craig’s gay and errant foot was a matter for lefties to get up in arms about if one recalls. Any takers one of the many excuses will be that since lefties don’t perch upon morals (which is BS as their whole political platform is a social and moral based one in truth, but that is for the next article), they are not obligated by acts of moral decency?

By the left’s standard, if I never say murder is wrong, can I commit murder then? I mean I never said it was bad, right? Of course my previous thought was silly, but demonstrative all the same. Double standards and hypocrisy really suck, and in all seriousness, they make me want to hurt people. Of course I will never hurt anyone else, but dammit, I sure can enjoy such a fantasy, can’t I? Hell, some ass likely will report me as communicating a threat of violence or some nonsense. Clearly it was a hyperbolic tool of expression. Lefties should know a “tool” when they hear one, SOME being tools and all themselves, right?

And if Weiner’s account was hacked, jail the SOB’s. I don’t care for Weiner, but no one deserves to be so treated, even a leftist jerk like Weiner.