Cone Trellis

So, you promised yourself that, this year, you’d actually plant a garden and take care of it. Unlike previous years, when work, kids and other responsibilities kept you from giving the garden your best, this year, you’ll give it a little bit more effort. Well, let the planting begin. And the digging, watering, pruning – you’d better get started! There’s a lot to do. Take, for instance, a viney plant like a tomato plant or a rose. You can’t just let it climb all over the rest of the garden, entangling other plants and ruining them. You’ll need to get a trellis. Oh, you’ve priced them and one trellis will take your whole gardening budget – and then some? Why not consider making the trellis yourself? Don’t think you can? Sure you can! Nearly anyone has the ability to make an easy, cone trellis that will provide a home for your vine plants while lending an extra landscaping element to your yard or garden.

With a traditional trellis you’d have to break out nails and screws, power tools and more. When you build a cone trellis, though, none of those things are necessary. All you need is a pair of wire snips and you’re good to go!

Shop at a home improvement store or other place that sells thick wire on a spool. The wire should be about 12 to 14 gauge. That will make it easy enough to snip while strong enough to stand and hold your plants and flowers.

Decide on how large you want the trellis. You’ll need to decide how big around you want it to be at the base and how tall you want it to be. The height should be no taller than yourself, and often, trellises are much shorter than that. The circle, which will represent the bottom of the cone trellis, can be as large as you want.

To make a perfect circle on the ground, tie a string around a nail, pencil or other object. Push the object into the ground. Now stretch the string out as far as you can and use it to guide you as you use a nail, knife, screwdriver or other object to draw the circle.

Mark a spot anywhere on the circle. It can be marked by simply making an “x” with the nail. Now, make the “x’s”, all the way around the circle, spacing them evenly apart. Although you can space the marks as far apart or as close together as you want five inches is a good spacing for the average cone.

Cut lengths of the wire to be as long as you want the height of the trellis – plus a few inches. Cut them each to the same size then begin pushing one into each “x” on the circle. Push each wire in a few inches so that they are secure and all standing the same height. Gather all the wires together at the top and wrap a large, strong rubber band around them for the moment.

Measure around the bottom of the cone, about 6 or 7 inches from the ground. Cut a piece of wire to be that length. Do not try to make the wire straight; leave it curled as it is when you cut it from the spool. Now, weave this wire, in and out of the cone, all the way around. Overlap the ends and tape them together with strong tape.

Move up the cone, wrap another wire around that area, and weave it in and out of the other wires. Continue to make another circle, and another, working your way up the cone, and spacing the horizontal wires about 8″ apart.

Wrap a wire tightly around the top of the cone and remove the rubber band. The trellis is now finished and ready for those climbing plants. Get them planted and you’ll use and admire your climbing plants each and every year.