Condi Rice to Play Alex Baldwin’s Former Girlfriend on ’30 Rock’

It seems that Condi Rice is about to add to her resume that includes Secretary of State, National Security Adviser, academic, concert pianist and ice skater that of television actress. And the role she will play will be ironic indeed.

Rice is going to play the former girl friend of Jack Donaghy, the character played by Alec Baldwin in “30 Rock.” Having not seen even a single episode of “30 Rock,” this writer was surprised to learn that Baldwin’s character is a “die hard Republican.” It is probably not the first Republican Baldwin has played. He did a very good turn as Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy classic “Hunt for Red October.”

This writer has also appreciated Baldwin as an actor in such films as “Malice,” in which he plays a doctor who is sleeping with Nicole Kidman and, oddly, lives for regret it — though not for long. His signature line, “I am God” is one that will live forever the way he delivered it.

Since Baldwin has gotten a little long in the tooth for leading man roles, he has segued seamlessly into supporting roles and more comic characters such as the one he plays on “30 Rock.”

“30 Rock” also stars Tina Fey, who became notorious for her Sarah Palin (“I can see Russia from my house!”) impressions.

Of course we cannot discuss Baldwin without mentioning that he is a Hollywood lefty of the sort who is well skilled in making peoples’ blood bubble and hiss. During the Clinton impeachment scandal, Baldwin made the infamous “Let’s stone Henry Hyde to death” rant, referring to then-Rep. Henry Hyde who was heading the impeachment effort in the House.

Once he realized that it was not done to threaten the life of a congressman or his family, Baldwin recanted, apologized, and suggested he was joking. Baldwin is also a vegetarian and an animal rights activist, which suggest that he has more regard for cows and chickens than he does Republicans.

However, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the “South Park” guys, too some revenge on Baldwin by killing a puppet version of his in “Team America: The World Police.” Parker and Stone, the scamps, used to start riots at Hollywood cocktail parties by opining that George W. Bush has a good president.

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