Conan Looks Better Without the Beard; 3 Celebrities Who Wouldn’t

COMMENTARY |The Hollywood Gossip reports that Will Ferrell shaved Conan O’Brien’s beard off Monday night. It all started when Ferrell made a Funny or Die video last month demanding that O’Brien let him shave off his facial hair when he appeared on the show. Both O’Brien and Ferrell had a good time leading up to the skit, and it was a sad moment for O’Brien as Ferrell lopped off his iconic facial hair.

I am a huge fan of O’Brien and loved his signature facial hair, but getting rid of the look really does make him look younger. I am now a fan of him without the beard. I think the new look is a great way to show fans that he is willing to do anything for comedy, and that is appealing.

O’Brien is not the only one with facial hair that has become iconic over the years. Chuck Norris is another famous actor who has been known for his beard and mustache combination since the early days of his career. The signature look is something I am a fan of because it has long been a staple of Chuck Norris Facts, which is a website devoted to jokes about Norris. It is said that behind the facial hair is a fist, which is just a fun little take on his character and it makes his facial hair a legacy. I also love his signature beard because it makes him look tough and really sexy, even for an older man.

ZZ Top is a rock band also known for its members’ long facial hair; the look has definitely made them more famous throughout the years. Their iconic appearance was a staple for Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, the rock group’s guitarist and bassist, respectively. The iconic long beards they have had now for over 25 years are like their legacy, and I admire and love their facial hair. When I see their beards while they play music, it just reminds me of rock and downright fun.

Joaquin Phoenix is an actor who is also known for his facial hair. He is often called “Chief Crazy Beard” since his mane is just so overwhelming and unkempt. This became his signature look when it was thought he went crazy and was in a downward, substance-fueled state. He had previous substance abuse problems in 2005, according to E! Online. In reality, he was just playing a part for his upcoming film and it helped him get more attention. Any way you look at it, this facial hair has become a part of his signature look and I love how it makes him look like he came out of a grunge band.

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