“Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound” Provides Vital Computer Services to Metroplex Businesses

When his Dallas area business computer suddenly stopped working, Pete felt that too-familiar sinking feeling. “How much data have I lost and is there any way to get it back, and how quickly can I get back to work?”

Knowing he needed help Pete quickly made some phone calls. When he spoke with Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound he was pleasantly surprised.

“Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound was able to recover files and data from the crashed hard drive I used for business. Other data recovery services quoted high prices, out of state shipping, and long lead times.”

A satisfied customer, Pete now encourages others to “Try Computer Troubleshooters first!”

Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound is dedicated to providing computer related services to businesses and residences in the Flower Mound, Carrolton, Denton and surrounding area.

As is the case nationwide, north Texas businesses – from doctor offices to designers, mechanics to massage therapists – are increasingly dependent upon computers for routine operation – everything from customer information to inventory, HIPAA compliance, scheduling, and bookkeeping.

Thus, business owners often find themselves in a precarious situation: They lack the expertise to fix a show-stopping computer problem that may result in less-than-desirable customer service.

That’s when Computer Troubleshooters’ specialized services become so valuable.

“There are many very successful small and medium size businesses here in Flower Mound, Carrolton, Denton and surrounding areas, but these entrepreneurs are not all computer experts. That’s where we can help,” explains Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound Operations Director Seemi Hassan. “Consider us your IT Department! We can provide as little or as much Technology support as you need.”

The service that local businesses may find most appealing and cost-effective is Computer Troubleshooter’s aptly named “B.E.S.T.” product: Business Enhanced Support Technology.

Businesses subscribing to B.E.S.T. can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their computers are administered by pro-active, HIPAA-compliant services including monitoring (to prevent up to 80% of all computer problems), anti-virus updates, remote support tools to expedite fixes without the delay of an on-site visit, and data backup management including off-site, secure backup…all along with a reassuring No Downtime Guarantee.

Ms. Seemi explains that “B.E.S.T.’s services not only help guard against downtime, but can also prevent data loss. Data loss can be painfully time consuming and costly.”

In fact, a University of Texas study reported that “out of the companies that had experienced a ‘major data loss’ of company information, 43% never reopened and 51% closed within two years. That leaves a survival rate at only 6%!”

By subscribing to B.E.S.T. services local businesses can minimize that risk of costly data losses. And now a home-office and personal version of B.E.S.T. called H.O.S.T. (Home Office Support Technology) offers similar services to users of home computers.

In fact Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound provides to both businesses and home offices a broad array of integral technology-related solutions including state of the art, cost-reducing IP Telephony systems; video camera installation; cloud computing, off-site backup; computer sales and installation; anti-virus administration; new computer sales; computer upgrades and more.

Website design is another of Computer Troubleshooters’ strengths, with an experienced team providing customized website designs for professionals and businesses. “Your Website is the window to the world where people can learn about your business and its services. Our professional developers help you present the most compelling and appealing story,” explains Ms. Seemi. Professional websites include ecommerce capabilities and other features, all at a reasonable cost.

A business owner herself, Seemi recognizes the challenges small to mid-size businesses face when competing against the goliaths, and hopes to level the playing field. “We want to help small and mid-size businesses be competitive, and enjoy the same cost-effective technology benefits that larger competitors implement.”

Seemi adds that one of the hottest technologies – cloud computing – now helps her effort. “Cloud computing is one development that helps small business compete through cost reduction and remote connectivity.”

Specifically, thanks to cloud computing advances, small and mid-size businesses can subscribe to Computer Troubleshooter’s Service as a Solution. Known as SaaS this approach allows businesses to avoid the expenses and trouble of buying, securing and maintaining their own database servers, typically a business’s most expensive and labor-intensive computer. Instead businesses access computing resources via the cloud at highly secure, redundant managed facilities known as datacenters.

“Storing their information at a datacenter…is becoming a trend as companies seek either backups for their operations or a separate place to run their machines,” stated Mike Novotny, president and CEO of a company specializing in datacenter solutions for small businesses.

Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound’s solutions like SaaS allow busy entrepreneurs to utilize the latest technology to help their businesses run smoothly, without investing valuable time becoming technical experts. And when it comes to running smoothly, businesses that have experienced disruptive computer problems are likely to recognize the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Computer Troubleshooters may offer businesses the B.E.S.T. ounce of prevention!!

For more information contact Computer Troubleshooters of Flower Mound at: 972-353-8888
or online at www.comptroubFM.com

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