Competitiveness of Your Rival Marketing Postcards

Do you think that your rivals in postcard printing are beating you out of your market? Well let me help you to determine that precisely.

There are different aspects to printing that you will want to look out for to determine if it is competitive or not for marketing. I am going to list down for you all these aspects so that you can apply this to your rivals with marketing postcards. So let us start with the most important aspect of color postcard marketing, the distribution.

‘¢ Measuring up their mailing deployment ‘” Their competitiveness is first measured by their scope of mailing deployment. While it might be a bit hard to learn of the specific addresses they are sending to accurately, by a little bit of standard research you will know the general area where they are sent. You can do these by either going into forums online to see who is getting those, or maybe you can do some real footwork and just survey around the neighbourhood. Once you know the broad strokes of where they are sending those custom postcards, you should have an idea of how good at deployment you should be for your own marketing agenda.

‘¢ Comparing their deployment schedule ‘” Besides the actual locations or areas where they are deploying, you should also compare their specific schedule. Are they sending at regular intervals throughout the year? Do they send them on specific holidays and events? Do they repeat similar in succession or do they vary each type of design for each deployment. These actual timings will help you decide when your market is saturated and when it is the best time to actually give them to the same people. So make sure you gauge that timing effectively.

‘¢ Gauging their design effectiveness ‘” The design of course is also an important thing to analyze. More particularly, focus on the specific kind of cover image and style used. Is it a portrait picture? Does it have beautiful models or sights? Did they use artistic paintings or digital graphics? Do those designs have a personal impact on the viewer or are they just random beautiful prints? This will help you gauge how much effort you put into your marketing materials. If they are using very professional type designs, then you will have to match and surpass that. If they are using templates, then maybe you can just use a more original type design layout. As long as you try to improve upon the design of your rival, you should be on the right track in beating them.

‘¢ Judging their material integrity ‘” Lastly, you should test their material integrity. Check the quality of the paper materials, the inks, the coatings and of course the preciseness of the cuts and prints. Everything must be done professionally and precisely in a postcard print, especially for marketing. If your rivals did this really well, then you will have to spend some money for high quality.

With that, you should be able to determine how powerful and competitive your rivals are. You will need to match and surpass those rivals in every aspect above to ensure your success in this endeavour.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.