Companies Condition You to Keep Spending Money

Most people do not know that companies are in the business to keep you spending. It does not matter if the customer needs the product, or service, it only matters if they keep spending.

I got paid a lot of money, and was well trained in convincing people to keep spending money. When a person got out of debt for $90,000, it was my job to put them back into debt for $90,000, by convincing them how it would be to their advantage to do so. Preying on their wants, rather than their needs. We called it painting the picture in order to have the customer connect with us, so that they would trust our judgement in what they should do, which is to spend money, and a lot of it.

I worked for many companies of which all had that same goal, which is to keep you coming back for more. They did not care if their product was bad, they would lie and paint a beautiful picture of belonging to the bling bling club, if you bought their product, no matter how high the price was.

I will tell you the secret of it all. Everyone wants to belong and feel a part of something. Whether they can afford it, or not. Companies thrive off of this emotion, and use it against your advantage, and to their advantage.

I have seen several articles come out years after I wrote my book on how not to spend, etc. Articles on how this couple, or that got out of debt by budgeting. These articles are great, but the million dollar question is: How many of them will go back to their bad habits of spending unnecessary money? How many will say, wow, that was hard, I am glad that I got that over with, now we can spend again?

We are surrounded by the urgency to spend our money, which has become the American way since I can remember. Pushing consumers to buy what they desire, and do not need. Assuring them that they deserve to do so.

I am the author of “Getting Paid To Keep You In Debt”, a true book inspired by God to help the consumer know how these companies think, and what you are up against, in the struggle not to do unnecessary buying. I also share other vital topics like Identity theft, and fraud. Are Credit Repair, and Credit Bureaus truly there to help you, or are they too in on the game to keep you in debt?

Even though I do have first hand experience on the subject, I encourage everyone to read as many books as it takes to get conditioned to have a healthy spending system that works to your advantage, not against you.