Common Uses of GPS Tracking

Once a tool used by the of the government to safely navigate water, air, and space craft around the world, Global Positioning Systems, or GPS, are now being used to track the movements of just about everything from civilian motor vehicles, to people and even pets.

Company fleet owners have turned to GPS Tracking devices to monitor the exact routes

their drivers are taking and thus reducing fuel cost and wasted man hours. With a GPS tracker, fleet owners can view, live, a driver’s exact route, speed and times, from departure to arrival.

In an era when children going missing has become every parents worst nightmare, Parents are now using wireless GPS tracking Devices to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of their children at any point in the day.

According to published reports, in 2009, authorities were able to locate nine year old Natalaie Maltais; who had been kidnapped by her grandmother. Authorities were able to a cell phone, Google maps and gps to identify the child’s location and bring her home safely.

Now via numerous tracking devices that can be either worn or attached on a child’s person, parents are using GPS Tracking to safeguard their children from possible abduction.

Pet owners are now even using the technology to keep up with their animals. Multiple manufacturers are cashing in on collars that can track an animal’s every movement; helping owners to locate a pet that has wandered away from home– using the same satellite maps and images used to track equipment.

However, vehicle navigation and tracking has become two of the most popular uses for GPS. Many parents are installing tracking devices on teenager’s vehicles to monitor where they go, where they stop and how fast they are driving to deter speeding and unauthorized stops.

If you ask around, there is a love hate relationship with GPS tracking depending on who you ask. Obviously, car thieves hate them. Meanwhile, most fleet owners and parents who use the technology love it. It gives them an accountability of their drivers they’ve never had before. However, ask the drivers being monitored; commercial drivers and young first time car owners and many of them will say they’re not crazy about them. Especially if they happen to be drivers who drive irresponsibly or take an occasional unauthorized road trip.

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