Comic-Book Superhero Crossovers that Hollywood Might Adopt into Films

No. I am not talking about souls seeing the light to get to the other side. Rather, it is a collaboration of two or more comic- book characters from different comic publications in special edition movies. Superhero crossover has been achieved occasionally in comic books (Batman Spawn: War Devil, and The Punisher Meets Archie and vice versa, as in Archie Andrews from Riverdale), and rarely in TV cartoon series (Fred and Barney Meet The Thing,as in Yabba-dabba-doo!). Although it has never been attempted yet in theatrical films, a few movies have crossed over two franchise characters, not necessarily comic-book characters (Freddie vs. Jason in 2003 and Aliens vs. Predators in 2004). With almost all of the popular comic characters being adapted in their own films, Hollywood can team up some of them in special edition motion pictures. Here are my choices:

1. Batman and Iron Man

It’s a battle of brains, battle suits, babes and even booze as these multibillionaire superhero mortals collide. Let us say they are partners in a business of building an ultratech gadget for the benefit of humankind. It was stolen and was converted into a powerful weapon that could annihilate all living things in the world. So each hero conducts his own investigation and finds out that evidence points to each other’s company – Wayne Enterprise owned by Bruce Wayne and Stark Enterprise headed by Tony Stark. They accuse each other of thievery and so they settle their dispute in a scrimmage to outwit one another. The villains must be femmes fatales to lure the duo into a trap since these mega-rich business executives are also playboys. Prepare for endless whams!, bams!, booms! and kablams! in the inevitable fight to the finish.

2. Spider-man and Superman

Both of them lost their parents even before they became teenagers and are involved in the media so these characters can relate a lot to each other. However, Supes fights villains seriously while Spidey loves puns in spin-webbing his nemesis. A good-old-fashioned frame-up story will put these two formidable superheroes into a blood-and-guts duel. The villain could be Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus or even better, Braniac. No more Lex Luthor since he is already so overexposed in many Superman movies and TV series.

3. Wonder Woman and Thor

This team-up is a respite of the too straight story of superheroes clobbering villains, a romance of two mythological warriors. Stan Lee with Jim Lee has already recreated the beginning of Wonder Woman in DC Universe so why not continue her story in a theatrical film focusing on her love affair to the Thunder God, the mighty Thor. Arch-enemy Loki is up again to his mischievous deed by conquering the Amazons to fulfill his quest of destroying the world. It’s a lot of hammering of this mighty Avenger member and lassoing of the Justice League divinity to stanch Thor’s formidable foe from wrecking havoc to earth. With Wonder Woman failing to make a comeback in her own TV series this year or live-action film last decade, pairing her with the iconic Thor can push the luck of the Amazon to appear again in her own movie.

4. Ghost Rider and Spawn

Todd McFarlane won’t mind teaming up his Spawn with Ghost Rider since he used to work for Marvel Comics. Since Ghost Rider and Spawn have been products of the desire of the Prince of Darkness to rule the world, they can join forces to avert another doomsday scenario against their greatest adversary, Satan himself. Monsters, zombies, devils and mayhems all galore to forestall all beings’ greatest fear – the end of the world. With the so many widespread rumors of and obsession with the Apocalypse (e.g. May 21 prediction and Roland Emmerich’s 2012), this collaboration could be considered, not to bring hysteria to worldwide audience but to entertain them.