Comet Elenin Earth Pole Shift 2011

There was much speculation about the Earth facing a pole-shift due to the alignment of Comet Elenin with the sun and our Earth on March the 15th 2011. A caller to the Alex Jones show stated a few facts about the possible shift saying that he had ‘inside knowledge’ from reliable sources, but these mutterings have been since dismissed as absolute nonsense.

Now before we get involved in debate on whether Comet Elenin actually exists or not, and whether you believe that conspiracy theorists are talking a load of tripe then you need to take a look at a NASA Website run by the JPL team. You will notice that what NASA try to stay away from admitting as fact and look at the diagrams and evidence to suggest that not everything you hear or read is black and white… NASA JPL actually does show Comet Elenin in diagrams and literature. If Elenin did not exist then NASA would not be naming it within their diagrams and investigations.

You can read evidence and investigative reports on Comet Elenin (that incidentally has been viewed hundred of times by JPL) here at NASA JPL Elenin.

Although the Earth has seen a slight natural pole-shift last year the fact still remains that Comet Elenin has had no such effect on our planet and certain has had no bearing on any events regarding the sun. NASA scientists have been quick to shun the theory of a pole-shift caused by Comet Elenin – it simply is not possible physically!

There is however a theory that Comet Elenin and the other celestial body Comet Apothis could pass so close in coming years, that they could cause large scale damage to the surface of our planet even extinctions. Apothis is the leading candidate with reporting the passing of Apothis in 2029; doom theorists are worried of a possible collision between our planet and Comet Apothis.

Again however NASA have thrown a spanner into the works saying that such notions are completely crazy, however many graphics that have been produced by NASA and various other scientific bodies do pose many questions – Comet Apothis will apparently pass so close that it could have a bearing on events on Earth.

Elenin will not be passing quite so close this time around, although there is some twitching in scientific circles as to the exact trajectory of the Comet. It seems there are some differing facts in regards to both Comets, some of these statistics can be seen to be slight contradictions that are fueling the doomsday scenarios that are being branded about the Internet.

However you may look at the data that is being churned out by NASA computers, no matter how twitchy you might be about a possible collision between or planet and one of the passing Comets the fact remains that there is still a high possibility in cosmic terms that extinction will come in the guise of a comet or meteorite hitting our planet as it has so many times in the past.

We have to look at our planets history with realistic eyes and thought, the fact that doom has come in the form of cosmic events just shows that one day the doom and conspiracy theorist will be right – the question is ‘when?’

Going back to the pole-shift theory from 15th of March 2011 whether you believe it or not there have been some remarkable events here on Earth. Volcanic eruptions, disturbed weather patterns and Earthquakes. Airports have had planes use different runways to counter compass errors, America has witnessed super tornadoes and Great Britain is basking in unusual heat for the month of April.