Colorful Fruits and Vegetables You Should Be Eating

How many times were we told growing up to make sure and eat all of our fruits and vegetables whether we liked them or not. This has always been a common statement that has been used for generations. Does making this statement really work?

Eating fruits and vegetables is very important to our health. Every fruit and vegetable has a health benefit and finding out which ones have the best benefits is as easy as looking at the color of the fruits and vegetables. Here are some fruits and vegetables and their health benefits for you to consider.

Green – there are a lot of green vegetables and 3 very good ones are Brussel sprouts, Artichokes and Avocados. There are very good nutrients in green vegetables that can help reduce your chance of getting cancer, help boost your immune system and help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Green vegetables are also a good source of calcium, fiber and vitamin C.

Red – fruits and vegetables that are red in color are plentiful. Here are 3 fruits and vegetables out of many for you to consider. They are Cranberries, Pink grapefruit and Beets. Red fruits and vegetables contain a number of nutrients and one that is really good for you is lycopene. All of the nutrients can help lower blood pressure, can help joint tissue stay healthy and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Purple and Blue – this group is full of dark colored fruits and vegetables. The 3 fruits and vegetables for you to consider are Eggplant, Blackberries and Pomegranates. All the fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin C and fiber nutrients just to name a few. These nutrients are good for helping boost your immune system, helping to lower your cholesterol and can help inflammation.

White – the white fruit and vegetable group has important nutrients that help the immune system. A couple of nutrients that can be found in this group are lignane and beta-glucans. There are other important nutrients as well. The 3 fruits and vegetables for you to consider are Bananas, Dates and Garlic. The nutrients from this fruit and vegetable group helps hormone levels and helps reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.

Yellow and Orange – there are a lot of very good fruits and vegetables in the yellow and orange group. Here are 3 fruits and vegetables from this group for you to consider. They are Carrots, Butternut squash and Nectarines. The nutrients in this group are very good for you. They are vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium. These nutrients help to lower your blood pressure, help lower your risk of prostate cancer and help your bones and joints to stay healthy.

Eating a variety of different color fruits and vegetables is very important and will give us most of the nutrients that we need. Even eating more of certain fruits and vegetables just to get the extra nutrients for a medical condition is a healthy alternative instead of other options.

Remember to get your recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables for a healthier you.