Colorado GED Test Requirements and Information

A high school education is perhaps one of the most important educational milestones within anyone’s life as a high school diploma allows graduates to pursue higher education and gain higher pay. If you do not have a high school diploma, you can obtain this necessary degree through a GED examination. In Colorado, the GED test is overseen by the Colorado Department of Education and if you are eligible to take the examination, then you may obtain your GED certificate and continue on your professional and academic career.

Colorado GED Test Eligibility:

To be eligible to take the Colorado GED examination, you must be at least 17 years of age. If you are 16 years of age you may be able take the Colorado GED examination as long as you fill out the GED Age Waiver Application, which must be approved by the Colorado Department of Labor. The GED Age Waiver Application can be found on the Colorado Department of Labor’s website, which is located in the Sources section below. You must also be a legal resident of Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Education defines legal Colorado residency as any person who has a Colorado address. If you meet the aforementioned eligibilities, then you must also ensure you are not currently enrolled in a state or nationally accredited high school.

Once you ensure you qualify to take the Colorado GED test you must be able to provide at least one current photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification include a Colorado driver’s license, military ID, valid US passport, Colorado photo identification card or type of government identification.

After you have gathered your necessary documentation, you must then contact a Colorado GED testing facility. As of 2011, there are a total of 34 GED Testing Centers and a total of 83 addendum testing sites located throughout Colorado. The Colorado Department of Education features a searchable database by city or county.

Once you have located the Colorado GED testing facility nearest you, then you will need to schedule a test date.

Passing the Colorado GED Test:

In order to pass the Colorado GED examination you must score at least 410 on each section and have a total average score of 450 on each of the 5 sections. Thus, you must score at least 2250 on the GED.

The five sections found in the Colorado GED examination include:

Language Arts/Writing – consists of usage, mechanics, organization, sentence structure and the second part of this test consists of a written essay on an assigned topic.

Science – consists of physical science, earth science, space science and life science.

Mathematics – consists of patterns, data analysis, measurements, geometry, number operations and algebra.


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