Cologne: What Men Don’t Realize

The number one thing both men and women fail to realize is the importance of smell. I’m sure all the men will agree when I say that there’s something incredibly alluring when a woman passes by and leaves a soft, sexy scent in her trail. Scent is after all one of the most powerful memory triggers. Please don’t let society influence you in assuming that this effect somehow doesn’t apply to men.

There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who smells good. Not only does wearing cologne indicate that you take care of yourself and your body, but it also highlights your sexuality and heightens a woman’s senses in your presence. Wouldn’t you like to become off as sexy and alluring to females? Do you like when your girlfriend can’t keep her hands off of you? In making these ideas into a reality, I can’t stress the importance of cologne enough.

I have dated a handful of what were in my opinion some very attractive men. As those new feelings of love used to wash over me, I couldn’t help to think that the moment could be a little better. As I hold his hand or stand l locked in a long hug, I breathe in and quickly figure out the missing factor. What’s missing is the enticing scent of a sexy masculine cologne, that sets such a nice contrast against often fruity and feminine perfumes. Why is something so simple and important so commonly ignored? Men that smell good just set themselves apart in the mind of a woman. This is something a boring scentless man could never do, especially when it comes to first impressions.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard the theory that women are sexually attracted to pheromones from your sweat and whatnot. Trust me, you have a much better chance with cologne. And if you buy into that mess, there’s also cologne infused with human pheromones. So even if you don’t like wearing cologne, keep in mind that you do like women. After all you’re not wearing it for yourself. Why do you think women spend hundreds of dollars on expensive perfumes? We wear it primarily because you like it. Think about that special lady in your life, or think about that certain someone you may have your eye on.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you’ll always get an instant reaction when it comes to wearing a new cologne but you’ll most definitely be noticed. And that girl you have your eye on? The thought of you will linger on in her mind long after you’re out of sight. If you choose the right cologne that is. Armani Code is pricey yet enticing favorite but you can also find amazing cologne at a bargain prices as well. That’s right. You can smell like a million bucks even if all you’ve got in your pocket is a couple of crumpled up 20 dollar bills.

When it comes to wearing cologne it’s always important to remember that moderation and quality are key. Leaving the impression that you might have bathed in a vat of cologne is definitely not what you want to go for. We might even suspect that you’ve avoided a shower that morning and are desperately trying to hide it. Again, not what you want. If it’s too strong, you’re better off just not wearing it. While cologne has its magical charms in attracting women, the wrong one can act like a mosquito repellent. Ask a couple of women if you’re not sure. If you’re low on cash, I come bearing good news. You no longer have to smell like a pine tree in order to save money. A rather inexpensive yet captivating cologne is Coty’s Avatar, and it can be found for about $10 at outlet stores. A great place to find great cologne at a fraction of the price is at off-price retail stores such as Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.

If you’re completely new to the world of cologne, give Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’issey a shot. It’s a is a great starting choice for men in any age group. It’s not too strong, smells fresh and clean, but yet it carries that power of allure that women enjoy being hypnotized by. Leave a positive, lasting impression on that certain lady around you. Create a new image of yourself through her eyes. Be sexy, smile plenty, and most importantly remember to smell amazing.