College Graduation Party Ideas

College graduation party ideas haven’t been a part of my event planning as of yet, however, with 8 children of my own, and plenty of extended family, I’ve ventured to a few college graduation parties. I was impressed with some of the ideas the parents had come up with to keep everyone entertained and happy. Here’s some of the college graduation party ideas I’ve come across over the years that I thought I’d share.

Party in the Park

If your college graduate has a large number of guests they’d like there, you might consider having the celebration in park with a pavilion in the event the weather gets bad. I saw a few very successful college graduation parties done with this format. What’s great about this venue is that you can do such a large variety of things. You can set up a volleyball net, let the kids play on the playground equipment, bring badminton, baseball equipment and whatever you’d like. This is a venue for making all ages happy.

Party at Your House

This is always an option, and there’s certainly a lot you can do at home. If you have a pool, you can implement the use of that to keep everyone cool and entertained. You can theme the party according to the college graduate’s degree and work he/she will be doing now that they’ve graduated, and then do creative things with the menu and decorations to tie into that theme. Not to mention being home gives you some advantages because everything is there already for cooking and preparing food.

Open House

You can also do something casual like an open house, giving people the option of showing up whenever they’re able. Just keep food available and ready for everyone the entire time your house is open. This, along with some continual videos and digital picture frames running for the duration of the celebration. People can look at these as they walk from room to room and it keeps them engaged and entertained from what I’ve experienced at other college grad parties.

Rent a Hall

A great thing to do for huge college graduation parties is rent a hall and have the food catered. You can have the restaurant staff take care of everyone’s food and drinks while you as the parent mingle with your guests. You can also choose a couple of different types of food to have the restaurant serve. That’s a nice way to keep things interesting for your guests. Running videos and digital picture frames is another good option for this venue, along with a band or perhaps a few speakers that are well versed on the graduate’s college history to speak to the guests about. This is a wonderful venue for large numbers of people but can be costly.

Whatever choice you make to celebrate your college graduate’s success will turn out great if you make a few preliminary choices to start with and then build from there. Decide the venue you’d like to use first and then start planning all the fun details.