College Choices – a Series – #1 – Georgetown University

My eldest granddaughter, a senior in high school, was accepted in six prestigious colleges. Her choice for the next four years is to study at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Her selection has prompted me to research several colleges which are under consideration by prospective students, beginning with Georgetown.

Georgetown University, established in 1789, is the nation’s oldest Jesuit Catholic university. Students of different faiths, cultures and beliefs come to Georgetown for its world-class learning experience focused on educating the whole person. Only 41% of the students identify themselves as Roman Catholic. The university has more than 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students and has become a major international research university with eight schools, an affiliated hospital and several highly ranked academic programs. Women were accepted at Georgetown for the first time in 1969. The university has a reputation for creating leaders who are intellectually, professionally and personally responsible global citizens. President Bill Clinton and U. S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scala are alumni of Georgetown.

When visiting the university with her mother this past spring, my granddaughter was impressed by the friendliness of the present students. Each time a group of prospective students and their parents passed by, the Georgetown students gave them a round of applause. They also seemed to be very much like her classmates back in New Jersey which was another drawing point. The setting, in our nation’s capital, offers her an education like none other. She is excited to have chosen Georgetown and looks forward to the experience of a lifetime.

Nearly 95 percent of Georgetown students are ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school class. They come from all 50 states and more than 130 countries. The university has pledged to remain accessible to the best students regardless of their financial circumstances. Over half of Georgetown undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance. In the four undergraduate schools, there are 180 programs to choose from, each providing a rigorous intellectual challenge to aid the students in their advancement toward their professional goals.

Georgetown’s undergraduate campus as well as the medical school campus are situated on an elevated region above the Potomac River. Most undergraduate students live on campus. The main gates, known as the Healy Gates are located at the intersection of 37th and O Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20057. The phone number is 202-687-0100. The current President of Georgetown University is John J. DeGioia. More than 5000 faculty and staff are employed at Georgetown

The students, of course, have access to many upscale shops, bars and restaurants along the cobblestone streets in the area of Washington, D.C. which is known as Georgetown. The main thoroughfares are M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. When I visited Washington many, many years ago, I had dinner at Clyde’s Restaurant on M Street. It had gained some notoriety at the time because President Ford’s daughter Susan had eluded her Secret Service Men to meet her friends at Clyde’s. On my visit, I toured Georgetown University and remember thinking “I wish all my children could go to Georgetown.” Now my granddaughter will make that wish come true.