Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibase

Typically when we think about WWE superstars we view them as characters with larger than life personalities. Well, what we don’t get to see is the individuals underneath their portrayed persona. Before attending a live Raw event in Worcester, MA, I had the opportunities to sit down and talk to Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, formerly known as the Legacy before the event. These two men are larger than life both literally and physically. My first impression was how absolutely huge these men were. When we are watching them perform, we don’t get to see how muscular and how larger than life they really are. As I spoke to the two men, towering above me, their real personalities came across loud and clear. Cody Rhodes, who has as of recently, entered into a feud with Rey Mysterio, was both intelligent and charming. He took the time to answer questions, sign autographs, and take photographs with fans. He spoke with confidence, determination, and a high level of intelligence. Despite his “dashing” character on WWE, he was humble and down to earth. My meeting with him stands in the front of my mind despite my many meetings with both WWE superstars and other athletes.

After speaking with Cody Rhodes I had the opportunity to speak with Ted Dibiase, also a previous member of the Legacy. Again, his intelligence and down to earth attitude shocked me. He, as of recently, has taken on the persona of his father, the million dollar man. However, he again took the time to sign autographs, speak to fans, and take photographs with them.

The episode before which I met them was the episode that Ozzy Osbourne was the guest host on Monday Night Raw. Resulting from the special circumstances, both men ran late to the meet and greet that a selective few had won in a WAAF contest. Most professional athletes would be unapologetic for being over an hour late and would have arrived with body guards in tow. However, that was exactly the opposite of how these men acted. They came in full of apologies with no body guards present. It made for a very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere and a great fan experience. These two men drastically raised the bar of my opinion of professional athletes and how they should act. Resulting from this experience, I have become very large fans of the two men. WWE is known for its larger than life superstars, and while these two men defied most of my expectations in a very positive way, they far surpassed the expectation of larger than life superstars.