Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry Destroy Rey Mysterio on His Farewell Night on Smackdown

Rey Mysterio had a scheduled match against Mark Henry, and this match served as a farewell match for his Smackdown fans. As we learned on Monday Night, Rey Mysterio has been drafted to Raw and will take his talents there. Rey Mysterio made his entrance and addressed the Smackdown fans. He told them that he has enjoyed being on the Smacdown roster and has accomplished many things.

He told the Smacdown crowd that he has enjoyed every single moment on the Smackdown Roster. Rey Mysterio told the crowd “we’ve had a lot of fun together.” “Just last year we won the World Title together.” Those words from Mysterio made the crowd very pleased with the promo he was doing at the moment. Rey made his final statement by declaring that he will defeat Cody Rhodes at Extreme Rules, and said the he and the WWE Universe will celebrate together. Finally, he told them it doesn’t matter what show he is on, each and every one of his fans will always be apart of the 619.

Suddenly, Mark Henry made his way to the ring, and he received a large amount of boos from the crowd. Mark Henry was being booed because on the WWE Draft night, he turned heel. Mark Henry was drafted to Smackdown and so did John Cena. In the main event matchup, Mark Henry turned on his tag team partner John Cena by ambushing him and leaving the matchup. John Cena was pinned and drafted back to Raw because of Mark Henry. John Cena was pinned for the 3 count and Raw earned the final pick. If Mark Henry didn’t turn on John Cena, then maybe Cena would have never been drafted twice in one night.Mark Henry told Rey Mysterio “It’s unfortunate for you that your farewell is my debut.” As we also learned, Mark Henry has been drafted to Smackdown, and he had to wearing the biggest Smackdown T-shirt made in WWE History.

Mark Henry was sport an arrogant smile on his face in his entrance and as addressed Rey Mysterio. Mark Henry dominated this matchup against Rey Mysterio. Mark Henry threw Rey Mysterio all around the ring. He used his massive weight to stand on-top of Rey Mysterio. At one point, they were battling outside the ring and Henry threw Rey against the steel steps. The most impressive that Mark Henry did was he placed Rey Mysterio upside down on a turnbuckle. Then Henry ran as fast as could and collided with Mysterio who was hanging upside down in the corner. Henry collided with Mysterio’s spine and the crowd reacted to the dangerous maneuver. This is not the Mark Henry who teamed up with other Raw superstars to defeat the “Original Nexus” months back. This is the Mark Henry who decimated Dave Batista in 2006 and put “The Animal” on the shelf.

Mark Henry dominated the matchup, but Rey Mysterio came back as well. He used maneuver that involved chopping Mark Henry down to size. There were moments in the match when Rey would use a dropkick and target the knees of mark Henry. In the end, Rey Mysterio had made switched the momentum of the match and hit the “619” on Mark Henry. Out of nowhere, Cody Rhodes interfered in the match and the match was immediately ended in disqualification. Cody Rhodes pulled Rey Mysterio off the turned buckle as Rey was probably going to attempt the “West Coast Pop.” Rhodes assaulted Rey outside the ring with a series of blows to the head and threw Rey over the barricade. Next, he assaulted Rey in the crowd and threw him back over the barricade.

Rhodes and Mysterio will face each other this Sunday in a “Falls Count anywhere” match and that’s probably why Cody Rhodes threw him over the barricade. It’s just a little preview of what we will get to see in its entirety at Extreme Rules. After Cody threw Rey back over the barricade, he threw Rey back in the ring to Mark Henry. Henry had been sitting on top of the turnbuckle while Rhodes decimated Mysterio in the crowd. Mark used the “World’s Strongest Slam” on Rey Mysterio and he left made his exit with a smile on his face. Rhodes finished out Mysterio by putting a paper bag on Mysterio’s head once again. Mark Henry has made a great fist impression on Smackdown and Cody Rhodes has all the momentum he will need heading into Extreme Rules this Sunday.

Source: WWE Smackdown on Syfy