Coca Cola Collectibles Are Far Ranging

I write about a lot of collectibles, but there is really only one I collect on a regular basis – Coca Cola items.

For me, it started with collecting Coca Cola Polar Bears. It grew from there and I collect just about anything Coca Cola related. That is how collections often start and grow.

Coca Cola began in 1886 with a concoction from Atlanta Pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton. It was sold as a medication for an upset stomach. Once carbonated water was added, it became a soft drink.

In the early 1900s the soda company was growing and it began major advertising campaigns. It is these campaigns that led the beverage company into a great advertising collectible.

In the 1930s stars began endorsing the product. The first Coke bottle trademarked was in 1960. Collecting Coke started becoming popular in the 1970s. Today there is a museum in Atlanta, GA dedicated to nothing, but the soft drink and its items.

There are many different items collector seek featuring Coca Cola. Some are very expensive while others are relatively cheap.

One of the most expensive are original tin signs. They can range from $100-$1,000. Price depends on age and condition.

Enamel signs from the 1960s are $250-$400.

Boxes and containers are also valuable. Wooden boxes range from $10-$50. Cardboard containers are $25-$40.

Vintage bottle openers are worth from $15-$75. Ice picks are worth around $25 and even yo-yos from the 1970s are worth around $20.

Coca Cola Christmas village houses started at $10 a few years ago and now go for about $50. Even Coca Cola ornaments have risen in value.

The list of Coca Cola products are endless. If it is something you are thinking about collecting, you need to look everywhere.

I also recommend buying a good price guide, but remember it is only a guide. Prices rise and fall.

The biggest problem with buying Coke items is reproductions. Because of its popularity, reproductions are everywhere. Until you become a confident collector, don’t spend a great deal of money on anything. Some dealers will tell you whatever you want to hear to make a sale. Buy cheaply and wisely.

The second problem with collecting Coke is that items are constantly being produced. New items come out everyday and if you wanted one of everything, you would be broke.

You need to be picky. Don’t buy Coke items just because you found one. If you like it and the price is right then buy it.

You will find you can collect almost anything with the soda insignia. You can even decorate your bathroom, game room or kitchen in the Coca Cola décor. Curtains, towels, rugs, paintings and just about anything else you can think of can features a Coke symbol.

Coca Cola has become a symbol of Americana so it makes us feel good. Besides that, it’s the real thing. Enjoy!