CMT Next Superstar Episode 3

The return of episode 3 of “Cmt Next Superstar” on Friday, April 22nd on Cmt Network. Last week the departure of country music hopeful Matt Dame caused shocked within the fans of the new show. Cmt once again got face book fans involved with their new poll following last weeks episode. They asked which trio you would have tipped? Not surprising that the group of Wynn Varble, Matt Mason, and Bri Bagwell took the majority of the votes with 494 votes. The group of Matt Dame, Adrienne Beasley and Courtney Cole tallied up 174 votes. The winners of last weeks challenge came in with 2nd in the poll with 257 votes. It looks like the fans are already in debates, and have chosen their favorites for the show.

This week the 8 contestants were shown what its like almost every morning for a country artist. 5 A.M. came early for the house as host Thea burst into their rooms with a megaphone to rouse them from their sleep after only 5 hours of sleep and a late night. Its safe to say not everyone is a morning person.

Each was to do a short radio interview with CMT Radio DJ of the Year Cody Alan. What they didn’t know was behind the black curtained glass was a room full of Cmt radio listeners and university students that would be judging them.

To get things started off Danielle was interviewed as Cody teased her about hearing she was involved with one of her cast mates, which sparked her calling him a sneaky little ninja. She spoke about her love of sports. The ones she understands that is. She chose her original song “your stupid girl”.

Steven was asked about the temptations of being on the road when he is a married man. He admitted that being away from his wife was tough but he’s definitely stayed true to her. He chose “Nobody Knows” as his original song. It was smooth and he has a very easy voice to listen to.

Next to take on the radio challenge was Adrienne who was asked about her story. She spoke of her adoption to a family of a different race. Which prompted Cody to remind her that she was on radio, the listeners could not see her. She opted out of singing an original of her own and sang “Amazing Grace” as she said she connected with gospel hymns.

Bri was next and she was put on the spot about former contestant Ben Smith’s dip and kiss that was showed as an extra clip online during his departure. Cody got him on the phone to discuss Bri and she handled it like a pro. She had fun with it. Bri chose to sing “now that I’m gone”. She sounded very relaxed and has a strong country voice with a hint of a Texas Southern twang behind it.

Matt Mason was next on Cody’s list of jokes. He started out serious asking Matt about his past and all that he’s overcame in the last several years. As a surprise they had a “caller” on the line that wanted to tell him how much they enjoyed his performance during the shows first episode. Which was set up to be the wrong “Matt” He didn’t falter as he explained they weren’t talking to the right guy. Matt chose his original song ” Chasing Stardust”. He has a very strong voice and connection with the song and made you feel every word he was singing.

Andrea was next to take on the jokester and she sang “grow old with you”. She had a very breathy sweet voice that seemed a little reminiscent of a younger Faith Hill.

Courtney spoke about her experiences with her father and was very genuine in her interview. She chose ” I wish I knew”. She has a good voice but seemed to struggle a bit getting started.

Wynn was the final challenger and as always refreshed the hidden voters with his sense of humor as he struggled through reading radio lines for Cody. He decided to sing his original hit ” A little more country than that”. It was a different take on the song then we’re used to from Easton Corbin but the song writer knows best.

After all eight had finished the interviews, and acoustic performance. They were surprised to find out they were being judged the entire time by the listeners and university students. They were asked to vote on their favorite. The two with the least amount of votes were Adrienne Beasley and for a surprise Bri Bagwell was in the singing to survive for the first time in front of the crowed and judges at Legends.

Judges this week were Matt Serletic, Carnie Wilson, and Cody Alan. Bri was up first and did a cover of Miranda Lambert’s ” white liar”. She had amazing audience support and brought her own sound to an already well known country song. Cody liked her connection with the audience but thought that she sounded a little too much like Miranda. What can you expect they’re both strong young females from Texas? Matt told her to step up and bring the Texas sass he knew she had. Adrienne who after 3 weeks of challenges once again was up for being dropped from the show. She sang Dixie Chicks ” Wide Open Spaces”. She automatically left the stage and went into the crowd for her performance. She has a great voice, but doesn’t seem to have any fun on the stage and isn’t connecting with those she’s in front of.

The judges brought the two back the next morning for their final decision. Each girl was given advice and reasons for the decision they had made. Carnie commended Adrienne on her song choice, and told her while she sung more in her song that her vocals were lacking. While Matt advised Bri to take her song choices and make them her own. He enjoyed her sense of humor and smile, and there was a sparkle about her.

In the end the judges decided that Bri would continue on with her dream, while Adrienne would be “dropped” from her chances at being CMT’s Next Superstar.